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Now I know you are thinking -- what the heck!  She thinks she is REDUCING my stress by talking about Christmas already?!?  COME ON.  Back to reality bloggers!  Hang with me though, ok?  This week, I am bringing you projects that are going to reduce your stress LATER in the season.  We are going to take care of those little things you always want to get done, but forget -- those STRESSFUL things that creep up on you at the last second and then WHAM BAM TOO LATE.  No time for Christmas pictures.  No time for pretty wrappings.  The advent calendar?  We are already a week away from Christmas by the time we think of it -- forget it!

Instead of that harried, crazed scenario, let's take a deep breath and take our time with some simple Christmas prep that will make the season a little brighter and a little less stressed, shall we?  Today we start off by doing bows in bulk.  You see, I love wrapping presents in cheap kraft paper, fabric scraps or any other upcycled material I can find, but I don't want my presents to LOOK upcycled.  Therefore -- AWESOME BOWS.

Green Grosgrain Ribbon - CLICK to VIEW or purchase
PERFECT bows, made from REAL material.  
REAL ribbon -- REAL fabric -- LOVELY textures.

HOW to make them perfect?

Yes, you read that correctly.
The name is Bowdabra.

Silly name or no, the Bowdabra can take a bunch of scrap ribbon and fabric and in about 20 minutes, you have a bowl of bows.

No really.

I hit up the remnant section of my local Walmart and sometimes Hancock fabric or Joanns and buy the bags of leftover ribbon and fabrics.  A bag costs a dollar or two and you will get a boatload of bows out of it.  I even went a little further and made some gifts -- a tulle pin, fabric bow and even some fun black Halloween tassels for next year!

Back to Christmas though...

To make a bow out of fabric scraps, you are going to make strips of cut or ripped fabric, about 6 inches long.

Lay a contrasting piece of fabric longways in the bowdabra, then layer polka dot strips on top.
After 5-6 layers, pull the red fabric up to tie a knot and secure the strips of fabric.

Puff out the ribbon a little and you have the perfect little bow for a rustic gift wrapping!

Want to go even MORE rustic?  Try twine for a farmhouse wrapping:

...or just stick with a glitter bow.  
Whatever floats your Christmas boat!

Need a bit more illustration?

The key to using the Bowdabra is to make sure you press down the layers tightly with the long piece provided.

It cinches down the layers creating that *perfect* bow shape!  
Here is how:

bowdabra amy_renea for Crafts Unleashed Darice on Make A Gif

The Bowdabra and supplies are available at most craft stores including Jo-Ann Fabric, Michaels, Walmart and other online retailers.

...or HEY...why don't we just GIVE you one!
Enter to win below!

...and if you think I was joking at a bowl full of bows...
well...just look closely at our series title photo:


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Tracie Gulit said…
I would make bows, bows and bows for my little Madisyn... she needs a little more pizzaz for her pony tails!
Amy Renea said…
yes yes yes! me too Tracie! So excited for my little girl to get a TIN bit more hair to hold bows!
donnaing said…
I would make tons of bows out of all the fabric that I have been "hoarding" umm, I mean saving and decorate a Christmas wreath with them.
What a great tool.
Brenda said…
Fabric bows are so fun!
Susie Buetow said…
We LOVE this bowl full of bows in 20 minutes. What a super idea! We are featuring you on our Bowdabra Blog and will be sharing your project all over our Social Media Channels! Good luck with the giveaway and you make using the Mini Bowdabra look so easy!

Susie @Bowdabra
Summer said…
I absolutely love these! I think the bowdabra is amazing!! I love making bows but hadn't thought to try the mini bowdabra. I'm inspired now"
Jeanie Hevener said…
I have a huge basket full of ribbon and my first granddaughter will arrive in February....hmmm!
bowdabra said…
I love your post!!! It is so awesome to see how extremely creative gals us the bowdabra!!!

Sandy Sandler, creator of the bowdabra