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We are early prepping for the Christmas season and yesterday that meant making a WHOLE BASKET full of bows for decorating and gift wrapping!  Today we are going to make a simple little banner for both Christmas photos AND decorating!  Keep coming back to the Nest because we are also going to talk about how to make those Christmas photos quick and easy in a 5 minute shoot and how to design your Christmas cards to NOT be so "matchy-matchy".  The following week (yes, one week of prep stretched into TWO!) we will finish up our 5 projects with a family advent calendar, soap making and gifts in a jar.  Ready to jump right in?

Christmas is fast approaching and for our family, that means we need to get family pictures finished asap! I had seen several photos last year with banners spelling out "Happy Holidays" or "Merry Christmas" and I wanted to make something similar for this year's Christmas pictures. I wasn't willing to shell out a bunch of cash for a pre-made banner though, so it was crafting time!  By using cheap crafting materials and leftover fabric remnants, the cost was minimal.

Supplies needed to make your own Merry Christmas banner:

Start by tracing chipboard letters onto your fabric with a pen.
Use good scissors to precisely cut out each letter.
(This step takes the most amount of time and is perfect to do while vegging out in front of the TV.)

Once the letters are cut out, add a layer of mod podge to the chipboard letter and then place the fabric on top.
Be careful to match up edges exactly before the glue starts to dry.

Smooth out any bubbles by adding a top layer of mod podge and sliding the sponge 
from top to bottom. A basic paintbrush will also work fine for this step.

Once the letters have dried, simply attach them to a long ribbon with hot glue and voila!
Time for family photos!  Want to learn how to take family photos on a self timer??  
COME BACK THURSDAY !  (Tomorrow I have a delicious TREAT for you!)
...and psst...have you entered to win your own Bowdabra HERE yet??

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Julia Konya said…
So cute and I love your family photo!
Laura said…
Love the photo and banner, but where is Penny?
Amy Renea said…
Thanks Julia!!

Good eye Laura!! This was last year's picture...we will be doing ours in the next week or two for this year :)