Save the Animals -- Save the Jeans

My Aunt Jill is an angel.  No really.  She could be the patron saint of animals -- particularily shelter animals.  The first thing Aunt Jill does when she visits our house is to hand out hugs to the children and then ask "How are the chickens?"  It is rare to find her without hay bales or bags feed for our animals, animals at the shelter or animals at the farm where she helps out.  She rarely comes to our home empty handed.  Typically, she brings along a cage for new chicks, a feeder for the elders or some watermelon scraps for a chicken treat.  She simply loves animals and we love her.

I have always admired Aunt Jill's love of the animals and it is no suprise that it is Aunt Jill that introduced me to the Humane Society of Lebanon Thrift Shop .

If you have been reading this blog for any amount of time, you will know that thrift stores are one of my "happy places".  When I am feeling stressed a good hour or two in a thrift store will solve all the world's ills.  So it is no surpise today that I am bringing you a post inspired by the gloriful, humble thrift store.

Ready to join me as we save these thrift store jeans??

This was a haul of cheap jeans (and a sweater) from the thrift store.  On the couch is a size "0" pair of jeans that I will never ever wear, but they had fabulous buttons I will be reusing in a future project.  The sweater was washed and "felted" (there is another name for it when wool goes through the dryer -- anybody??).  In any case, the sweater will be cut up into lots of projects including the jeans today.

All the jeans on the table are for my boys.  All have holes in the knees.  My boys INSTANTLY make holes in the knees of jeans, so holey jeans at the thrift store are now not an immediate NOBUY.  I've started getting creative with patches and today I am sharing the "fighter jet:" variety.

ummm...those are polka dots -- NOT a fighter jet.

Well, yes, those are dots, but those are the BULLETS.

You see, when I was cutting out shapes for the patches, my eldest son saw one of the scraps and said;
"HEY MOM!  That looks like a fighter jet!  Let's make bullets!"

So bullets and a fighter jet we made!

The patch is simply cut from the "felted" wool and hand sewn on around the edges.  
I put one small seam in the middle of the plane to give it a bit more security 
and the bullets are simply attached with an "X" sewn in the middle of each circle.

The wool bends well and washes up just fine!  
Remember, it had already been shrunk in the wash, 
so preshrunk sweaters before attempting this type of patch!

...and in other great jean news...I threw on a pair and ankles are BACK!

Goodbye for good swollen pregnant ankles!
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Hometalk Thrift Benefit for Sheltered Animals Blog Tour starts Monday, October 14 and goes through Friday the 18. Here's a chance to meet new bloggers and many of their animal family members, get creative ideas from thrift shop finds, or read about the wonderful animals that share our journey.

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adorable! i always intend to save clothes with fun animal shaped patches, etc... and i have yet to do it. :( i need to!
Christina Paul said…
These are adorable! what a great mix of textures - I accidentally "felted" a lot of sweaters in the dryer too-maybe now i'll save them to repurpose! :)
Oh, my, the jeans are wonderful. I may need to try this on some of my own jeans, even if they don't have holes in them. Probably not fighter jets, though. :)
Julie S. said…
I love how you patched up those jeans -- so creative and functional, not to mention, cute too! Love!

Thanks for sharing!
Jeanette Chaney said…
Amy, I wish I have seen this post 30 years ago! My son always wore the left knee out of his jeans. He could have it worn through in 2 weeks. He's 38, so it's his wife's problem now...heh, heh. I would love to try this on a couple of pairs of my jeans to cover paint spots:)
Thank you for joining the blog tour!
Karen Cooper said…
What a great idea! So cute!
Amy Ellis said…
I have a few old pairs of jeans that could really use some patching. Love your idea of using creative felted wool patches. By the way, is the other word you are looking for "worsted"? Glad to be doing this benefit with you!!
Thanks so much for sharing your adorable thrift idea!! You are so talented. Thanks for being a part of the blog tour. It is a blast!!
Amy Renea said…
WORSTED -- yes!!! Thanks Amy!

Jeanette -- your boys and my boys totally would have been friends :)
Amy Renea said…
Christina -- "accidentally" -- lol :)

...and Sheila -- you should TOTALLY go for fighter jets :)
Julia Konya said…
Aunt Jill sounds like my type of woman. I love animals and I'm a huge supporter of adopting from shelters. I wish more people would help shelters.
Great cause and I love your patches.
Tammy Killoough said…
Oh goodness. I think we've all had a sweater felting accident! What a cute way to deal with it! ~Tammy
Hello to my cousin, I saved some jeans for the boys the other day. I love wool and really never thought of that before. I have been meaning to email you but I can never just sit down and do that. I love looking at your blog and wonder how you do it all. We have a lot in common. Abby sent a letter to your Mom and we got a note back along with a picture of her with the boys and Penelope. She is so sweet! (your Mom and Penny) :)
Hope to keep I touch.
Sharon (Uncle Tom's daughter)
Amy Renea said…
Emailing you Sharon!!