The Strawberry Fields of California and West Hollywood Shopping

This is the second post in our LA/Sanfran trip.  You can read more about Los Angeles RIGHT HERE.  Then continue the journey with us....

Though it seems odd to group these two together (strawberries and West Hollywood), we hit the two landmarks in quick succession.  West Hollywood shopping was more fun (in our opinion) than ANY of the typical touristy shops.  It was less crowded and ran the gamut from incredible upscale shopping to cool quirky places like Fred  Segal and the Charm City Cakes West location (you know...Duff?  Ace of Cakes?).
Gorgeous, right???

Yes we got a cupcake -- yes it was delicious -- yes it was expensive (about $3.50 for a Smores cupcake).   We split one cupcake, but I could definitely have finished one off myself and next time, I would probably go with good old vanilla.  They all looked delicious though!

Sidenote:  We were going to pick up a second cupcake at the little bakery next door to ink.sack and taste test the two bakeries, but when we got there the cupcakes were smaller, more expensive than Duff's ($4.50) and did not look as delectably yummy.  So we passed on that little experiment.  Splurge on two at Charm City Cakes :)


The Strawberry Fields

 As we were leaving LA, it amazed me how quickly we were right in the heart of produce country.  From wine grapes to artichokes to Olallieberries (a cross between Logan berries and blackberries basically) to the infamous strawberries -- California was made for growing things.  Some of the fields stretched right up to the ocean, while other farms left those coastal fields free for grazing farm animals (lucky cows -- do you know how much that view costs?).
In any case, if you decide to travel up the Pacific Coast Highway, seek out at least one of these farms that has a hand painted sign advertising fresh-picked berries. You most likely will see the workers in the fields picking those very berries this time of year (early June) and you cannot find a fresher berry.  They are sun warmed and deliciously sugary and buying produce from the hands that picked it is one of the most delightful experiences on Earth.

This little stand was directly behind a beaten down gas station where we stopped along the way 
and the friendly face serving up the strawberries absolutely made my day :)

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Jeanette Chaney said…
We lived for 5 incredible years on the central coast {Pismo Beach} with the smell of strawberries as we opened our front door. Wonderful!!
Amy Renea said…
That sounds DIVINE!!!!!!