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21 October 2013

The COST of The Nursery

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 SO.  The nursery is finished, but all those projects begs the question....


By far, the cheapest section of the room that makes the biggest statement is the peg rail wall.  
The peg rails themselves only cost around $15 (thanks to upcycling wood planks ) and most of the other things we already had. 

 That birch branch above the window?  From the yard...
The clothes?  Well, those are mostly thrift store finds and YES, she will actually WEAR them!
The rocking chair?  An heirloom hand-me-down...
The lace light filters in the window?  2 bucks.  Thank you thrift store.
The curtains?  Target clearance from long ago -- they were in the linen closet.

The other sides of the room cost a BIT more, but not by much...

That cute little bunting?  I stole it from the girly shed out back... 
(PSST...did you know that shed is featured in last month's Celebrating Everyday Life magazine??)
The HONEYCOMB WALL?  $50 -- Expensive stencil, but WeLL worth it for the effect!
The Penny Letters?  Around $15 and at least $5 of that is in pennies!
The CLOUDS?  Well, basically free, but would cost you just a few bucks if you didn't have the materials on hand!
Crib skirt -- $5 Pottery Barn steal at a local kid's sale

Moving on to the BIG costs...

The furniture in this room?  $100 off Craigslist and that included:

The IKEA crib
The IKEA dresser (right corner)
The little side table (next to the crib)
The little tea table (under the window)
A small box (to use as a foot rest while nursing/ by rocker)
....along with a rocker, a cedar chest and a large chair not pictured.

The changing table was a freebie off Craigslist that I used when this was a little BOY nursery and just gave it a facelift for Penny.  
Facelift included $1.50 in thrifted pillowcases, a mirror from another old dresser we had sitting in the garage, a wee bit of paint and washi tape.  

The Moses basket under the side table?  Free off the side of the road -- yes it was cleaned THOROUGHLY.
The little white basket/shelf -- $2 at a flea market (end of the day score!)
Painting? -- $1 at the thrift store
Washi Tape -- $1 from a consumercrafts.com sale

Add to the projects the basics...

Paint - Behr, White Peach -- $25
Various gold, copper, etc for Honeycomb wall -- $10



NOW, that is including some basics I already had (like a lamp, a clock, those curtains), but by shopping thrift stores, Craigslist, yard sales (and the side of the road) along with your local kid's sales and clearance racks, I daresay you could "do" a similar nursery for under $300.  Now THAT my friends is less than the price of a typical crib -- makes me absurdly happy :)

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Courtenay@Creek Line House Monday, October 21, 2013  

OK, you're making me feel guilty now... We're a couple of thousand in already and there isn't a piece of furniture in the room. Not a single piece. Now, we ripped the room almost down to the studs, but still....

Amy Renea Wednesday, October 23, 2013  

Ah...don't feel guilty...

I didn't mention the carpeting we had installed throughout the house at the exact same time...#notcheap :)

Susanne Randers Friday, October 25, 2013  

WAUW!!!!! How amazing a place - with so many beautiful details. I really like it all. So creative and cozy.
Lots of love from Susanne

Amy Renea Saturday, October 26, 2013  

Thanks Susanne!!

Amy Renea Saturday, October 26, 2013  
This comment has been removed by the author.
Julia Konya Tuesday, October 29, 2013  

Wow, that's a great price for a nursery! Love the honeycomb wall treatment so much!

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