Jump Into Jewelry with Aki ::: Skull Cameos

Welcome back Aki of Minted Strawberry!  I love this project she has for you today because it can go spoooooooooooooky for Halloween, but can also be twisted for a variety of holidays by changing up the colors and decals.  Get your shrink plastic ready to go and jump into jewelry with these adorable cameos from Aki!


I needed to use some plastic skull rings I bought last year, and I figured setting them against a kind-of ornate background is the way to go. Since I had no cameo settings laying around, I set out to make one from shrink plastic. I really love playing with shrink plastic (remember this post?) so this Halloween-craft utilizing them seems really appropriate for the month, don't you think? As always, crafting with shrink plastic is easy, but still, read on to find out how it's done (and for tips)!

What you need:

Shrink plastic
Plastic skull ring
Nail polish
Jewelry bail/ Brooch pin/ Ring base
E6000 glue
Template (get it here)

Print the template and lightly trace it onto your sheet of shrink plastic with a pen. If you don't like the template design, there are different options in the interwebs that you can download :3 Don't worry if the marks don't rub off - we're going to paint them anyway. Carefully cut that with your scissors or an x-acto knife, whichever you prefer. Alternatively, you can also cut it with a die-cutter. Bake that according to the baking instructions on your pack of shrink plastic.

Cut off the ring part of your skull ring and flatten it a bit by pushing the skull down. If you're making a smaller cameo, you may want to cut off more and just sand it down until you get your desired shape. If you can't find a skull ring, you may want to use charms in place of it or cut your own skull shape using shrink plastic as well. 

Paint your frame and skull the same color, and your background a different, contrasting color (or mod podge some patterned paper on it!).
 I painted my pieces after baking because I wanted a shiny, lacquered look to my piece (by using nail polish). Let those dry for an hour or so.

Layer everything to find the correct placement of things - then stick everything together with E6000. 
On the photo above, I felt like my skull was too small so I made another cameo to put it on 
and then I cut another skull for this instead. Optional: use clear glaze to seal everything.

Finally, if you're making one as a pendant, stick a bail on the back of it. 
For a brooch, stick a brooch pin. 
Attach any other embellishments you may want to add - ribbons, pearls or maybe even lace.

You can also make a smaller one for a ring - all you need to do is resize the template before doing the DIY. Of course, attach it to a ring base. On the photo above, I filed down the skull a bit more to fit my kind-of-tiny-cameo. I mod-podged the background with some antique-looking paper (instead of painting it) before setting the skull.

What do you think, guys? What would you wear this as? 

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Sabrina S said…
This is really cute! Great idea to use nail polish!!