Celebrate with Nikki ::: MUMMY Bottles!

Welcome back to our party and celebrations gal, Nikki of Tikkido!  
Today's craft is one of those "anybodycandoit" simple crafts that looks GREAT, but only takes a short amount of time.  Those are SO my kind of crafts 
and I am guessing YOURS too!  So if you are behind on the Halloween planning, no worries!  Nikki has you covered!  Take it away Nik!


Have a Halloween party coming up?  
Or need a fun hostess gift for this spooky season?

Why not wrap up your wine bottle in mummy bandages? 
 It's fast, 
inexpensive, and so, so easy.


You'll need:

Bottle of wine
approximately 1/2 yard cheesecloth/mummy wrappings fabric
low temperature glue gun
scissors or rotary cutter.

Start with a bottle of wine.  I'm always happy when I see Bogle 
Vinyard's Phantom (an old vine zinfandel, petite sirah, and old vine 
mourvedre blend) hit the shelves.  How perfect for Halloween!

Cut strips of the cheesecloth.  Mine were about two inches wide, but 
you really don't need to be precise.  We're trying to evoke an ancient 
mummy here.  Not something that's been precicely engineered.

Use a dot of LOW TEMPERATURE hot glue to tack the end of a strip of 
fabric to your bottle.  I specify the low temperature glue gun because 
there are a lot of holes in this fabric, and the glue WILL seep through 
the fabric when you stick it on.  You do not want to get high temp hot 
glue on your fingers.  Trust me.  Owwww.

Then just wrap up the bottle.  When you reach the end of a strip, just 
use the glue gun to tack down the end and start another.

And that's it.  Simple, no?  An easy way to spook up your adult 
beverages for a Halloween party.  And if a bit of red wine drips on the 
bandages as you're pouring, so much the better.

She's pretty fabulous, eh??  If you liked this post, you will LOVE Nikki's work over at Tikkido!  
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Julia Konya said…
Love this idea! Hey, I'm a wino so it's right down my alley ;)
Sabrina S said…
definitely going to try this for my next Halloween party!