Cafe Art for the Unartistic with Gevalia

I am a member of the Collective Bias® Social Fabric® Community. This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias and their client.  
Join me as we discuss the very difficult art of adorning coffee with Gevalia.

Here is the end of the story...

...but let's go back to the beginning shall we?

It all started in my kitchen.   Four-day old coffee in the pot.  I needed caffeine, so I did what any crazy tired mom does and poured that old, stale coffee into a cup and straight into the microwave.  Add enough sugared creamer to rot my teeth and make sure the coffee is SCALDING hot and it almost tastes ok.  Sounds delightful, right?

The problem?  That was every fourth day.  You see, a pot of coffee in my coffeemaker holds exactly four servings worth of coffee and typically I am drinking a cup in the morning and maybe a cup in the afternoon.  My non-wasteful ways made me suck it up and drink stale coffee almost every day.  My husband thought I was crazy.

You know what a treat was?  Dumping the old coffee into one of my plants (it is good for them!) and brewing up a new pot even though there was plenty of stale coffee sitting in the pot.  A luxury.

Side note:  Do you know actual mold starts to grow on brewed coffee grinds if you leave them too long?  I know...gross.  So my husband finally gave up trying to tell me I was crazy, drove me to the store and plopped down the $100+ for a Keurig.  My in-laws had tried to buy me one for Christmas last year and I was all like "It is too expensive and I have a perfectly good coffeemaker and I really don't NEED one............".  Well, enough was enough and after watching me drink a ridiculously old cup of coffee, Alex knew I would enjoy the luxury every. single. day of a freshly brewed cup, so Keurig it was.  (PS - NO ONE else in this household drinks coffee, so it was literally a cup a day needed).

Once I began the journey, I was hooked.  A luxury a day is quite nice and when Social Fabric offered the opportunity to go a step further and try the Cafe Collection from Gevalia (read: cappuccinos and mochas y'all!), I was ALL IN.  Off to WalMart I went...and eventually found my way to the actual coffee aisle.  
Has it expanded or WHAT?!

There are all the cans of coffee, the bags of beans 
and at least a THIRD of the coffee aisle is taken up by kcups.  Who knew?

So my task was to find the "cafe" collection from Gevalia...

After searching the crazy full racks of coffee, there were the cappuccino and lattes!

Upon arriving home, I had no choice but to IMMEDIATELY break out Gevalia kcups and give them a whirl.

First things first, you POUR the froth mix into the cup.  BEFORE starting the kcup.

Then pop the kcup into the Keurig...

Snap and Brew.

YUM.  Mother of Foam.

NOW comes the fun part.  OK, now comes the part that is supposed to be fun.  
When I took to task the art of cafe art, I thought it would be easy.  #notsomuch
Just pull the coffee color up into the white foam -- simple right?  I can draw ok...

not. so. much.

Here was my best attempt:

So then I broke out the stencils...

surely stencils will work...??


My Christmas tree wasn't SO bad (see below right), but I finally found some real success with mini-marshmallows and a cookie cutter.

Here is my technique for "those of us who think we can do cafe art but really can NOT".  
Simply take a cookie cutter and gently hold it on top of the foam (do not press down INTO the foam).

Lightly drop mini-marshmallows into the cookie cutter on top of the foam.  
The foam is strong enough to hold them right up there on top!

...and finally...

Luxury at home -- every day at 7 AM -- with super mini-marshmallows.  YUM.

Want to buy said marshmallows?  Check out the bulk food aisle of your grocery store or online.

Want some delicious Kcup Cappucino or Mocha Lattes from Gevalia?

Get $1.50 off of Gevalia KCups at WalMart HERE or buy them online HERE.

Want to see this shopping trip again?  Check out the Google Plus Album of my trip!

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