Bleaching Bandanas

See that runner?  It started out as ugly orange bandanas.  (Yes it did!)

Here is the thing -- those orange bandanas are just a little too bright for my taste and I didn't have time to let them naturally sun bleach.  The solution?  Basic old fashioned bleach!


Step 1:  Start with a jar or two filled with water.  Dumping bleach directly on the dry bandanas will cause some spots to be lighter than others.  The more water you add, the less intense the bleaching process will be.

Step 2:  Add bleach by the jar.  Bandanas will start to turn IMMEDIATELY.  Pay attention!

Step 3 and 4:  Swoosh the fabric around GENTLY so that the bleach gets to all parts of the fabric and then AS SOON as the desired color is reached (we are talking within a minute or two here!), rinse the bandanas in clean water and hang to dry.

Step 6:  Once the bandanas are dry, you can use them any way you choose!  I decided to create my little harvest lanterns and a basic runner out of them!  Once I finished using the runner for my harvest display, those bandanas found yet ANOTHER use (see note at the end of post!)

Basic technique for a bandana runner:  Bandanas are the absolute perfect fabric for a runner because they are already cut and seamed into squares.  Simply line up bandana seams back to back and sew straight seams to connect them.  The only trick is making sure all the closed seams are on one side.

**Thanks to Consumer Crafts for providing the bandanas for this project.  This tutorial would not have been possible without these supplies!

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