Jimmy Kimmel Live

One of the absolute MUSTS while we were in LA was to try to go to at least one taping of SOMETHING.  Jimmy Kimmel was at the top of the list.  After Jimmy, there was NO WAY we were going to see any other tapings...at least not in the 90 degree heat!  Let me explain...

Attending a Television Taping in Los Angeles...

So the TV Shows hire out the "herding" of folks to these companies that are "experts" in getting commoners in and out of the studio at the right time without disturbing the "talent".  While the concept is sound, the company was NOT.  There were a bunch of actor wannabes (and some genuinely nice people as well to be fair) that were around the golden age of 20.  None of them had had babies and none of them had been pregnant or had pregnant wives.  Thus, when my very pregnant self found a bit of shade in the shadow of a lamppost (yes, the tiny shade that a LAMPPOST offered in the 5 PM setting sun LA heat), these doofuses made us move up the TWO FEET behind the folks in front of us in line.  What did that mean for them?  A bit more orderly line.  What did that mean for me?  After an hour of sweating in the sun (pregnant), I had finally found a smidgen of shade and now it was gone.  One more hour baking in the sun :/

You see, they are like doctor's offices, but worse.  They want you there early as to not inconvenience "the talent", but when the "Talent" is late (AHEM Jack Black), you get to stand in the sun.  Pregnant.  #notcool

Had we been able to wait in the shade of the building next door (See below), the experience would have been much different :)

In any case, once they finally let you in the doors, the air conditioning feels like you fallen into some blissful rabbit hole of wonderfulness.  Of course, you feel blissful for about 20 minutes until you realize that you have been standing in a small lobby watching old videos of Jimmy knee to knee with 100 other people.  That bliss turns stale quick.  Luckily, there was a policy of letting people go to the restroom (escorted of course in case we tried to run up to Jimmy and kiss him if he happened to appear), so I went twice.  ...or maybe three times.  I took full advantage of my pregnant belly at this point in the experience.  Who cares if I didn't actually have to pee again.  Sitting down was such a blessed relief after 3 hours of standing!

So then, THEN, we get to go into the studio.  My first impression was "Wow - It is small!".  I knew the studios were smaller than they appear on camera, but it is REALLY small!  The second thing I noticed was that the dude in charge of the "herding company" was hand picking girls in scantly clad  outfits to sit in the front row.  Not that I blame him -- pretty girls make for pretty TV - but I DO blame him for going by the name "Linc" and trying to flirt with said girls.  Poor guy thinks he has a career in acting ahead of him.  Sadly, he probably has a career of herding commoners for life.

The taping begins!

Once the taping actually BEGUN the excitement ensued.  Jimmy WAS as funny as we had anticipated.  However, he was SMALLER than we thought he would be.  Granted, he had been dieting for his upcoming wedding, but he was a skinny guy!!  Who knew?!

Jimmy did several of the intro standup bits in a row, then moved on to one celebrity interview and some of the clips "on the street".  While watching TV at home, our favorite parts are the standup bits at the head of the show and the "on the street" segments.  While in the studio, we were actually hoping for more celebrity interviews and perhaps a concert??  No luck.  We saw a five minute interview with Jack Black that was not at all entertaining (and I believe the reason for that loooooong wait outside!) and that was it for celebrities.

The best part...

By far, the best part was when the cameras stopped rolling and Jimmy interacted with some folks in the crowd.  He is honestly, genuinely hilarious.  I would love to spend a day in his company (Add Jim Parsons in the mix and I might die of laughter).  

When the show ended, we were a little sad that it was over and left wanting more, but all in all it was an experience.  I would not do it again while pregnant, but catch me on a beautiful fall day without a giant belly and I would TOTALLY be game, especially if Lady Antebellum was playing the backlot concert.
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