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25 September 2013

Welcome to Penny [Letters]

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In case, you were wondering, YES, we are totally living in girly fantasyland over here...

...and that includes crowns...

In other unrelated, but as seriously obsessed trends in this household, 
the crock pot has been operating nonstop.  Today's recipe?  Yogurt.  
Did you know you could make yogurt in a crock pot?  Yeah, me neither.  
Will let you know how it goes!!

In the meantime, let's take a little peek into the "fiteverygirlprojectpossible" nursery, shall we?

Project Du Jour -- Penny Letters.

penny letters title  amy renea girl nursery a nest for all seasons

The very first craft I had in mind for our little girl's nursery were these "penny" letters.  I wanted to reference her nickname and also do a little play on materials.  The choice of copper pennies influenced the colors of this space from start to finish from the fading coppers and golds of the honeycomb wall to the more peach than pink color we chose for the walls.   The craft itself is very simple and is not that expensive.  The letters and paint will run you about $10 and you will spend around $5 in pennies for a 5 letter name.  (Though it would be a bit more expensive, I think this would be really fun with nickels for a "nick" too! :)

Penny Letters Amy Renea paper mache side

First things first, you need your PAPER MACHE LETTERS!  They are only $1.67 each on the consumercrafts.com website and are very lightweight.

You will also need paint, adhesive and your coin of choice to finish off the project.

Penny Letters Amy Renea edging

The trick to painting your letters and making them look like heavyweight typography is the blending of colors.

1.  Start with your base and coat the entire letter (I used copper).

Penny Letters Amy Renea

2.  Then add in a secondary metallic (I used a goldish silver) in random sections very slightly. 
 A spray paint works best for this second layer.

Penny Letters Amy Renea whole word

3. Finally, add in a darker accent along any edges to mimic the oil lines old metal letters get from being handled. 
 I used a dark grey metallic and dry brushed it onto the edges.  Less is MORE here folks!

Penny Letters Amy Renea black detailing

4.  After the paint has dried fully, add your coins in layers to the surface using hot glue or your favorite adhesive.

5.  Attach to the wall using nails (they are quite heavy if coins are added) or simply use
removable command strips or putty for letters without the added weight of metal coins.

penny wall  amy renea girl nursery a nest for all seasons

 Once I finished the penny letters, I knew I had one more little project for this side of the room.

Can you tell where it should go??

Is there something missing here???

Come back next week and find out!

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