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23 September 2013

The Gourd Tree hung with Fallicious Gourd Ornaments

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Little gourds and pumpkins and those crazy cinnamon-scented-out-the-wazoo pinecones are starting to pop up everywhere. (PS What chemical IS that on those pinecones???? Anything you can smell from the grocery store all the way down the sidewalk at Starbucks is some POTENT stuff...still puts me in a holiday mood though. YAY for chemicals!) Anyway, chemicals aside, all those pinecones, pumpkins and apple cider signs have me jonesing for some fall decor (not to mention it IS actually fall now!!) First up? A gourd tree!

Remember the Gourd Garland?

Well, I've got an even EASIER project for you!  (and cheaper and faster!!)
One of my favorite things to do with these sweet little gourds is to simply chuck them up into a fall tree.  

Here's the thing:

The tree has to be a "fall" tree, even though it is still "early" fall.  
What does that mean?

A.  NO leaves


B. Colored leaves

Popping gourds up on branches covered with green leaves is super strange.  

Hanging from bare branches though?  Insta-fall!

This cherry tree drops its leaves really early and the branches are fairly low to the ground, 
so it is the perfect tree for these gourd ornaments! Do you have a little bare branched tree like mine?

GO buy some gourds yo!! 

Get your yard "fallified" for a few bucks and in 5 minutes!


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