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11 September 2013

FREE Girly Nursery Changing Table and Project Sneak Peeks!

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I am going to warn you -- you might start to get sick of seeing this little nursery, but I can't help it friends.  
I am in love with IT and in love with HER, so you are going to have to bear with me for just a couple more projects, k?

Today is a great one -- a FREE changing table :)

This changing table started out life as a beat down piece of laminate (probably from WalMart) that we picked up free off Craigslist when we first moved to PA.  At the time, we had a 6 week old (yes, we moved from Nebraska to PA with a 6 WEEK OLD!) and needed a quick, simple, cheap solution for a changing table.  This was it.  Then the piece went out of commission when baby boy #3 no longer needed it and we used it as an overflow dresser for the boy's clothing.  Well, once baby #4 announced her arrival, I announced that the free changing table no longer belonged to the boys and no longer got to be a beat up piece of junk :) 

Here are the basics:

1.  Give the wholeshebang a coat of the same "white peach" on the walls so it doesn't look so massive.
2.  Skip buying a changing mat and use a "dead" down pillow with a pretty thrifted Ralph Lauren pillowcase.
3. Line the (colored on, beat up, so very sad) shelves with two additional Ralph Lauren pillowcases.
4.  Line the sad looking, peeling edges with washi tape.
5.  Commandeer a mirror from the garage, attach and paint -- SUCH girliness!

Let's break it down a little, shall we?

That washi tape was a lifesaver.  The edges of the dresser were so sad (see below) and paint was doing nothing for them.  
The washi tape took 15 seconds to put on, makes the piece fresh and fun and totally turns a junky feature into a standout feature.

Psssst -- SNEAK PEEK ALERT!! If you are still off the washi tape bandwagon -- note the coverup job the tape did 
on my peg rails too (coming SOON!)!  Washi tape is wonderful!  (even if it IS trendy!)

Note #2 -- If your washi tape won't stay put, a teensy dab of hot glue will hold it in place!

Back to the changing table though.  Ignore that string or piece of hot glue or whatever and check out the pillowcases lining the shelves.  One of my hands down favorite parts of the transformation.  The three pillowcase were $1.50 for the group and make SUCH a difference softening up this piece.  They fit almost exactly into the shelving spaces and I simply nailed in the corners.  You could use velcro or hot glue to attach them as well.

The inside shelving stayed as-is with the addition of a little washi tape for color.  
The door to the right?  It would have stayed as-is as well, but somebody took a blue marker to it ;/

So I said the changing table was FREE and I guess I lied a little bit.  
It WAS free in that everything we needed we already had, but if you were to start from scratch, you would need to purchase a few things.

A.  Washi Tape -- $1.97
B.  Pillowcases -- $1.50
C.  Paint -- a Quart would do it -- $10
D.  Old Down Pillow  -- $5 at a thrift store??

STILL cheap, eh?!

One more note on the down pillow.  We have used that puppy for 8-9 years and it literally just had the life sucked out of it.  It is very, very soft, but very, very flat which makes it perfect as the topper for a changing table.  Baby kind of sinks (just slightly) in the middle and the whole thing (pillow AND case) can be thrown in the washer and dryer when need be.

Safety note:  Never leave the baby lying on the pillow.  A. She can roll off and B. she could absolutely suffocate in the pillow.  Thus why her mattress is a hard-as-a-rock plastic thing.  Poor kid.

Now you might have one more question.

WHY put so much effort into a changing table?

Well, mommies will understand...

It simply makes THIS job a bit easier and slightly more delightful...

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