For the baker, the painter and the gift card maker...

You know that crafty friend who has everything?  We already planned for her with these crafty mason jar gifts, but it is nearing her birthday time again and it is time to start creating the perfect gift for her.  What to do?  Well, she is a painter, baker and gift card maker, so I decided to craft little kits especially for her hobbies.  Do you have a friend like her?

To get the kit pictured above, there were two basic steps.

1.  Gather appropriate craft supplies for the gift and...

2.  Craft the gift containers to coordinate.

Here are the raw basics I started with:

See that little basket on the right?  I found a set of three at the thrift store for a few pennies (literally), but they were not in the best of shape, so I needed to cover them somehow.  For the gifts inside, I rounded up three collections based on ideas for a painter, a baker and a gift card maker.  The majority of the items used were Martha Stewart products -- a crafters gold standard.

To cover the baskets, I simply added one layer of tissue paper with mod podge (be VERY careful to line up the top edge, otherwise an easy task!)

After the tissue paper was fully dry, I then added vintage zippers as a design element using a hot glue gun.

Some zippers were long enough to go all the way around, while shorter zippers, I had meet in the middle of the basket.

Zippers also went up and over the handles for a bit of texture and to cover up flaws in the cheap wooden handles.

Attach the end piece with hot glue first and allow it to dry fully:

Then, once dry, pull the zipper up and over the handle.

Make sure you press the zipper from start to finish firmly in a line so you don't end up with any "bumps".

I added a little bit of holiday flair with some gold vinyl cutouts of evergreen trees.

Curious what went INSIDE the gift baskets??

For the Baker:

Set of Green Prep Bowl Miniatures
Martha Stewart 'From the Kitchen of' Labels
Assorted Loose Teas and Blank Cards for Recipes

For the Painter:

Martha Stewart Glass Paints in Blues, Silvers and Frost
Martha Stewart Glass Paint Brush Set
Butterfly Painted Vintage Ink Well

For the Gift card Maker:

Blank White Cards
Blue Cardstock Tags
Various Martha Stewart Labels
Martha Stewart Confetti

** Blue links are provided for products available online.  Unlinked products were found at thrift stores or the clearance aisle of Ollies!  Some links may be affiliate links that support this blog if you purchase an item.

What would YOUR crafty friend want for their birthday??


Jenny Piirto said…
LOVE this, Amy! I want someone to gift this to me! I'm always "that" crafty friend making fun things for others...maybe if I drop a few hints I can get a nice surprise like this! Awesome idea! It required a brand new pinterest board!
What a darling post. I would love, love to get the baker basket. :o) I hope all is well with you and your family. I wanted to say thank you for the encouraging comments you have left on Pinterest and on my blog. You have no idea how much they mean to me. The last one on my blog came on an especially hard day and was the light at the end of the tunnel. Your blog looks awesome as always. Enjoy your autumn...Ann
Amy Renea said…
Thanks friends! Jenny -- A new pinboard -- that is a first for me I think!! :)

Ann -- meant. every. word.