CRAFTED by Alex ::: Fall Apple Garland

Remember Alex???  She's BACK and ready to inspire you with another fantastic tutorial!  
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Today's craft?  This adorable apple garland!

DIY apple garland - northstory (4)

Now let's DIVE IN!  Take it away Alex!


Last September our apple picking season was cut short due to a severe lack of apple crops in our area. So this year I am making sure that we get out in the first week that they're available. In honor of my unhealthy obsession with the season of Fall, I thought it would be fun to do a paper craft for some fall decor that didn't involve pumpkins for once (I love Halloween so needless to say that almost never happens).

What you'll need:

- red bristol board
- twigs
- red yarn
- green fabric of your choice
- scissors
- staples
- yarn needle

making apple garland - northstory (2)

Start by sketching out a small apple shape at the bottom of your bristol board
Cut that out and that'll be your stencil.

making apple garland - northstory (3)

Then cut out several rows of your bristol board. I was doing 5 apples per garland piece so I cut out 30 apples.

making apple garland - northstory (5)

Fold it in 3, trace your apple stencil and cut out the shapes. This saves you major cutting time.

making apple garland - northstory (4)

Layer 3 apple cut outs on top of each other.

Now you have 2 options. 
1) sew up the middle of the apple or 2) get your time saving stapler and staple them down the middle.

making apple garland - northstory (7)

Next cut out some 'leaves' out of your green fabric. I used an old pair of shorts.

making apple garland - northstory (8)

Now thread your yarn needle with your yard through the 2 leaves and leave the two leaves on the far end of the piece of yarn. 
Then poke a hole through the top part of the apple (approx 1 cm down) and loop your yarn through it twice.

making apple garland - northstory (9)

making apple garland - northstory (10)

Then tie it up leaving only a small 'hoop' of yarn. 
Then break off a piece of a twig and slide it into your yarn. The yarn does a great job of holding the twigs in place.

making apple garland - northstory (11)

Unfold your apples...

paper apples - northstory

Then thread with whatever garland string of your choice. I used twine.

Now. How about them apples?

DIY apple garland - northstory

DIY apple garland - northstory (3)

DIY apple garland - northstory (2)

DIY apple garland - northstory (4)

ALEX!  I LOVE IT!!!  brilliant!!

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Adorable!! (And hard to resist showing off my command of Goodwill Hunting quotes.)
Storypiece said…
I love the little twig accent! Very cute and another brilliant craft you can do with your little people.
How did you even come up with this?? So smart and so cute!
What was that? Why yes you can make one for me!