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15 August 2013

The History Keepers ::: The Quote Book

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As mommies, we are tasked with an awful lot of "jobs".  Most of them I DO, but could care less about (laundry, cleaning floors, wiping down faucets and wiping baby bottoms are a few I am LESS than passionate about).  However many jobs we are tasked with, there are a few that we are truly honored with.  There are a few that mean more than a clean house and food on the table.  There are a few jobs we have as mommies that might make a difference beyond our 50-60-90 years on Earth.  One of those jobs is the shaping of our children's personalities, behaviors, values (and yes, reading abilities).  Those are certainly very valuable, important and induce passion.

However, the job that REALLY gets me as a mom is the job of HISTORY KEEPER.

You see, nobody else is going to do this job.  The children might start keeping "memories" of their school years once they are old enough - THEIR personal histories.  Your husband might take a few photos now and again.  Grandparents are certainly wonderful at taking photos and saving works of art and such, but when it comes to capturing the history of the family start to finish?  You, mama, are the one who is around for all of that.  For all of the funny quotes that get lost into oblivion, the everyday moments that cameras don't often think to capture.  You are the history keeper of your family.  

quotebook amy renea for Crafts Unleashed book

Did that first little bit scare you?  Worried I am going to tell you that you MUST become an excellent scrapbooker RIGHTNOW or forever hold your peace as your family falls apart because there is no written history of them?  Well, no darling, that is NOT what I am saying.  Hold your horses a bit and let me walk you through a few easier ways to capture your family history.  Today's project IS a scrapbook so to speak, but it is easier than you might think and not as "scrappy" as most.

You see, I'm not the typical scrapbooker.  I am not talented enough or patient enough to spend hours cutting, assembling and arranging a litany of small pieces to make a true scrapbook.  I am, however, a collector of memories, and I love having them all in one spot.  My friends must have been similar in scrapbooking sentiments too, because in high school we had a group "quotebook."  It wasn't pretty and it wasn't well put together, but we totally treasured it.  We had that binder everywhere and every time someone said something hilarious, we would write it down.  Different colored pens and pencils, lunch spills on the papers, no pictures -- just quotes.

I must have picked up some habits from my high school friends because even now as an adult I love quotebooks.  I love the idea of capturing a quote for all time -- those little sayings that make us laugh deep in our bellies, yet vanish like the mist on the wind in just a few days.  So a few years ago, I grabbed a regular old notebook and started keeping quotes.

quotebook amy renea for Crafts Unleashed quotebook

The system worked, but as an adult, I was ready to graduate up a step. (HEY MAMAS, STOP READING HERE if you think you will be overwhelmed.  Jotting down those quotes is ENOUGH!)   I didn't need a full on scrapbook, but I wanted a better version of our high school scrapbook.  So I gathered a few supplies, a few photos and within an hour, my quote book was more than a quote book, but not yet a scrapbook.  Join me as I show you how you can put together your own quote book today!

Supplies needed to make your own quote book:

The secret to this book is the simplicity with which you can put it together, but also the way it functions as you look through memories.  One of my favorite aspects of the quote book are the clothespins.  I don't know about you, but when I take photos, I tend to take a full "shoot" and then put the camera away.  I don't typically take one shot here and one shot there.  So when I look through memories, I love looking through an entire shoot, but that means a large portion of the scrapbook is filled with one event.  The solution?

quotebook amy renea for Crafts Unleashed clothespins

You see, I glue a couple photos from the day into the book, along with some quotes from the day.
 The rest of the photos sit directly on top of the first photo and are simply clipped in.

quotebook amy renea for Crafts Unleashed grouped photosquotebook amy renea for Crafts Unleashed flip pictures

You can flip through the photos like a flip book, spread them out in a fan and then 
scrunch them back together again, or go ahead and take the photos out and look through them.

quotebook amy renea for Crafts Unleashed open set
Tiny Prints Cyber Monday
quotebook amy renea for Crafts Unleashed closing set

Sometimes though, I do only have a couple photos and to spice up those pages, I turned to the SMASH stickers.  These cute little stickers say "makes me happy" or "Don't forget" -- things I say to myself all the time.  Simply stick them onto or beside your photos and your book with some pictures and quotes turns into a polished history of your family's daily life.

quotebook amy renea for Crafts Unleashed hair cut quotebook amy renea for Crafts Unleashed inside cover
The quote book - Crafts Unleashed

So you've gotten all your supplies, you are ready to start your book, but you can NEVER remember to write good quotes down from your kids.  You tell your husband, "PLEASE don't let me forget he said this today!" and inevitably you both do.  The solution?  SMASH pads.  These little pads fit easily into your purse for everyday travel and can be grabbed at a moment's notice to jot down a memory or quote.  Don't want to spend the $$?  Try post its.  JUST GET THE INFO DOWN.

quotebook amy renea for Crafts Unleashed quote quotebook amy renea for Crafts Unleashed smash pads

Divided into categories such as travel, entertainment and quotes, each of these pads are full of 
sweetly designed little papers designed to get you writing about the things you don't want to forget.
There is even one for travel disasters which feel like torture at the time, but make some of the best memories.

quotebook amy renea for Crafts Unleashed travel nightmare

The little pad papers work seamlessly with the stickers and other SMASH products, so once you have 
filled a SMASH pad, it is just a matter of matching them up to the right pictures and voila!  Memories kept!

The quote book 2- Crafts Unleashed

I finished off the look with some tags and baker's twine to set off categories, years, and such.

quotebook amy renea for Crafts Unleashed tags

All in all -- the actual making of the book that covers two years took about two hours in front of the TV.  If you have ever tried scrapbooking, you know that is a record!  So what do you say?  Why not try capturing those sweet little quotes that you know you will forget and pair them with a simple and easy scrapbooking system?  It is easier than you think and a project that gets sweeter with age!

Quotebooks (If you make ONE THING from this series, make THESE!)

The Journals (yes, these are different than the quotebooks, but just as easy!)

Footprints and Handprints (CAPTURE those tootsies!)

A Gallery Wall (PRINT and DISPLAY those photos!)

Life Sized Cork Board (A solution for ALL those art projects!)

TBALL Photos -- A Better Way (I KNOW you are sick of them too!)

Book Canvases (...for the mom who needs some art motivation)

SCHOOL Pictures  (An improvement on tradition!)


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