The History Keepers ::: The Journals

Last week, I introduced you to my idea of the mama's job as HISTORY KEEPER. There are 1,000 ways you can go about securing those memories and history.  ...and YES, I realize that some (many?) may be lost as fires and floods come and go and grandchildren sort through things after our deaths without knowledge of how important things are, but there is a thing called hope.  Hope that what was important -- what was the daily lives of you and your family will get passed down in some form.  That is why I diversify as a history keeper.  I don't keep everything in one spot and I don't keep it all in one medium.

Our lives are not fully recorded online (though this blog DOES capture some of our everydays).
Our thoughts are not ALL written down (though the quotebooks are a start).
Photographs are not the end all of history keeping (though we print a multitude of them).

Though everything certainly won't be saved, a few things might make it, and that is the hope I have as a history keeper.  
The hope that somewhere down the line, someone cares enough to look back.

Why have hope?  Where does that weird instinct come from?

I think it is because I like to look back.  I hunger for real insight into what people were thinking, photos of the everyday back when and the WHYS to the whats and hows of ancient peoples and my own familial ancestry.  Some people don't "get" history (I think my husband is one of them), but for those of us that do, we are charged with the heavy responsibility of capturing it and preserving it while we can.

Today's history keeper project?

Here they are...nothing terribly impressive.
Remember -- I am SO not a scrapbooker (quotebooks are more my style)...

This is one thing I have kept up with (albeit intermittently) since the very beginning of our childrens' histories.  Basically, the children each have a journal and every so often I write to them in it.  The first journal is full and our seven year old needs a new one!  When he was first born, I kept track of every milestone, and his journal filled more quickly.  The more children we had and the older they got, I admit my writing prowess in the journals slowed down a bit, but I am still committed to this project -- to keeping a record of how I felt about these babies when they were still "inside" and what things were like when they were newborns.  You see, that time period disappears for mommies.  We are so deprived of sleep that it is as if our brains can't spare the energy to put everyday moments into long term memory.  So I try to jot them down -- just a little -- especially when they are tiny.

So mama's, don't be overwhelmed.
Grab a journal -- collect a few of those tactile memories -- write a few notes to your babies.
5 minutes a month.  History Keeping has begun.

Quotebooks (If you make ONE THING from this series, make THESE!)

The Journals (yes, these are different than the quotebooks, but just as easy!)

Footprints and Handprints (CAPTURE those tootsies!)

A Gallery Wall (PRINT and DISPLAY those photos!)

Life Sized Cork Board (A solution for ALL those art projects!)

TBALL Photos -- A Better Way (I KNOW you are sick of them too!)

Book Canvases (...for the mom who needs some art motivation)

SCHOOL Pictures  (An improvement on tradition!)


Jeanette Chaney said…
What a great idea to have several ways of recording your family. I start a one sentence journal every March it's blank:(
Amy Renea said…
Oh I hear you Jeanette! I try to give myself a lot of grace with these history keeper projects...just keep plugging away at them and not feeling guilty when it has been a while. Without the hilt, it seems like I am actually to do more (so counter intuitive!)