The History Keepers ::: Footprints

Do you remember the trend of gilding little kiddo shoes?  You know, where moms would take the little baby shoes and have them cast in gold (well not REAL gold, but something that looked like gold) and they would have the little feet captured in that moment in time forever.  You THESE.

It always seemed a little weird to me, but now as a mom -- I get it.  There is SOMETHING about baby toes.  Those little feet grow SO very quickly and turn into somewhat ugly, certainly dirty big boy feet and something is lost.  Perhaps babyhood finishing is signaled most clearly by the feet.  When those little button toes turn into long lanky toes that support the monkeys hanging from the apple tree -- well the time of baby has officially passed.  It is a sad passing and thus mama's like to hold onto those little baby feet as long as possible.

It starts in the hospital with those tiny little baby footprint stamps, but when I brought my babies home, 
I wanted more.  For baby #1 and #2, I kept inking their little tootsies and keeping them in their journals.  

For baby #3 I went bigger with this footprint art project.

For baby #4 I want to go even further and work with plaster.  
Stay tuned for MORE baby footprints coming down the line here at the Nest.
PS -- 10 days and counting and she will BE HERE!

How do YOU capture those tiny baby prints??

Quotebooks (If you make ONE THING from this series, make THESE!)

The Journals (yes, these are different than the quotebooks, but just as easy!)

Footprints and Handprints (CAPTURE those tootsies!)

A Gallery Wall (PRINT and DISPLAY those photos!)

Life Sized Cork Board (A solution for ALL those art projects!)

TBALL Photos -- A Better Way (I KNOW you are sick of them too!)

Book Canvases (...for the mom who needs some art motivation)

SCHOOL Pictures  (An improvement on tradition!)

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Jenny Piirto said…
I have some inked footprints shoved in a cabinet somewhere, and I am not even sure which baby they belong to anymore. they are so tiny. sigh.
So cute! I love little baby prints :)
Amy Renea said…
la sigh Jenny.....I know the feeling :)