The Comeback of the Magazine Escape || Celebrating Everyday Life

Celebrating Everyday Life is a fantasy.  It is a throwback to 10/20 years ago when your typical lifestyle magazine was an escape.  You would retreat to the backyard with a cup of coffee, to the bath with your pile of magazines or stockpile back issues for a rainy day of escape.  Then you would drown in them.  Drown in the photos and the LIFESTYLE each magazine so clearly represented.  Today, large publications are losing the magic.  Economic struggles mean that the latest issue of your favorite design magazine is more ad than actual content.  Gone are the days of opening a magazine and jumping straight into an alternate universe.

...or are they...

'Celebrating' harkens back to that golden age of magazines and once you open the pages, you are hooked.  You are drawn into this world of celebrating -- parties on the beach, gatherings in the barn, gardens, crafts, baking, joy.  Family. Home. Celebration. Beauty.  There are ads, yes, but they are all ads you WANT to see -- fun companies selling antiques, crafted goods and organic sundries.  Bloggers, etsy stores and independent small businesses are the norm on the ad pages.  There are no full spread ads for makeup or cars to jolt you out of your magazine experience.  No interviews from the latest "celebrity turned designer/crafter/baker/blogger".  Instead the interviews are from designers/crafters/bakers/bloggers that you WANT to hear from (HELLO Mary Englebreight!)  These are the people that have built their brand upon their craft and not the other way around.  The writers, photographers and stylists are everyday folks that have a passion for their craft and simply want to share it.  Get lost in our world and support the comeback of the magazine escape.  I will meet you there.

Want a preview?  Check out below!!

psstt....keep an eye out for pretty plants straight from A Nest for All Seasons!

...and to see the full commercial...just CLICK HERE!