We started off Cloud Week with a BUST.

We attempted to make "cloud paintings" by painting with blue colored bubbles and while everyone on pinterest said it would didn't so much :(

Bubble Painting goes STRAIGHT onto the PINFAIL board (at least until the kids are much older and we are working with canvas instead of paper).  Here is why it failed for us:

#1 Little boys think blowing bubbles is really fun.  Blowing bubbles GENTLY?  NOT so fun for them.
#2 The food coloring had to either be dropped on TOP of the bubbles to produce a good bubble print or you would have had to use a TON to get any color.  Most sunk to the bottom of the bubbles and the color did not transfer well.  (Clear cloud bubble prints were not so interesting...)
#3 Little boys under the age of OH 4 or 5 simply don't get the concept of NOT slurping the bubbles UP the straw very easily.  Blue mouths ensued.
#4 This project needs a TOUGH, strong canvas (literally), not simply paper in our experience.  We couldn't hold the paper straight enough to get good prints.
#5 My boys are too old AND too young.  Our [almost] 5 year old was probably the best age for the project, but our youngest (3) couldn't handle the project and our eldest (7) was too silly wanting to blow brazy bubbles everywhere making a giant mess.

SO.  After trying for about 10 minutes, I gave up and let them mix the blue bubbles with the Cloud Dough we had made the day before.  MUCH more age and gender appropriate :)

What was NOT a PINFAIL?


You saw the Cloud Dough last week, but I also decided to give the Ivory Soap Clouds in the Microwave experiment a go (we still had bars of soap left over from THESE BOATS) and guess what?  It works!

...and thus my friends...we have another addition to the PIN-TRIED board!

HELLO Ivory Soap Clouds!

Wondering what the secret is to these soap clouds?  
Simple -- bar of IVORY SOAP (no substitutes please!) in the microwave for around 3 minutes.  
Do it in 30 second intervals as not to burn the soap -- gross!

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