Kid's Garden Activity -- Build a Raised Bed

So typically, I come up with ideas for Mommy Camp.

However, our kids got the same creative and entrepreneurial genes of their parents.
(fabulous, but there are many "construction" accidents)

During garden week, they decided to make yet another "garden" of their own  They already have a "secret" garden and a "veggie" garden where the weeds are flourishing...not unlike their MOM's veggie garden at the moment.  In any case -- meet the raised garden bed:

They had no help from me.  The clever little things stole a piece of mommy's dehydrator, 
dragged it out to the back apple tree and brought on loads of mulch.

I'm not sure if any actual seeds were planted, but this garden receives more care and attention than any that we care for.  I know there should be a mommy lesson in there somewhere, but today I am not seeing it.  Today, I am just simply proud of them.  They make me smile.

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