Jump Into Jewelry with Aki -- PLASTIC TOYS Upcycled!

Hello again friends! It's Aki again. Today I'm going to show you a quick and easy way to make a necklace from a plastic toy. Yep, you heard right. A plastic toy. I was walking around Dollar Tree when I spotted a pack of toy turtles. They were really cute, and well, I wanted a turtle necklace (I am obsessed with turtles, also, I have a pet turtle) so I got them and set to work. Here's how:


  • Plastic/rubber toy of choice
  • Drill with a 3/32" bit
  • Spray paint in the color of your choice
  • Finished jewelry chain
  • Jump ring

Cut off any excess bits from the toy you'll be using. My turtle toy had this extra appendage that I had to cut. 
Drill where you want it to be hanging - for my turtle, I made a hole on his head. I know, it sounds brutal, haha.

Spray paint - you will want to spray the bottom first before you spray the top (aka the side that will be showing most of the time).

After it dries, add any additional embellishments you may want to put. 
I wanted to highlight some details on his shell so I painted it with some nail polish.

Optional: you may want to seal it with a sealant spray, but I didn't bother. 
Poke a jump ring through the hole and thread onto your finished jewelry chain.

Tada! Cute little necklace ^^^  done. 
I do love the fact that you can make this for kids and/or as giveaways as well. Cheap and cute.

That's it for now folks! Hope to see you again next month. :)

omigosh Aki -- I LOVE this!!!  Do you have ANY idea how many hundreds of plastic toys I throw away each month??  
Get ready friends -- you are going to start getting some JEWELRY!

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LOVE this! so cute! am pinning for sure!
So cute!! Now I think I definitely need to give the kids' toys section a good second look when I hit the store.
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