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08 August 2013

IKEA Makes the World Go Round.

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So when IKEA invites you to preview the 2014 catalog, do you say no?  NO, my friend, you do NOT!
Why?  ...because IKEA makes the world go round.  ...at least my world.

Aside from Cancun and HOME -- there is definitely no place I would rather be than at IKEA, so I was thrilled 
when JB (of Building Moxie) opened the invitation to local bloggers.  My answer was when and which one.  I will be there.

CLICK HERE to get the full sneak peek!

I am always fascinated by store marketing, so it was fun for me to get a peek into the thought process behind IKEA's new strategies 
(AND taste the new food coming soon -- HELLO salmon!)

Though IKEA will always be self-serve, they are really branching out into services (i.e. $59 shipping (NO LIMIT on the amount of pieces), 
pick and ship (they pull the items from the shelves and then ship) as well as assembly services.  

Cool new stuff eh??
I've always been a fan of IKEA's ice cube trays (HELLO Soap Making!!) 
and I have visions of hundreds of those Tolsby frames dancing like sugarplums on Christmas with possibilities.

I visited the Baltimore IKEA ("my" IKEA) and was surprised at the changes.  
Store layout is much different, easier to navigate, brighter with a host of new LED's and 2 new shortcuts (for when you get lost :)

After the catalog preview, it was time for a proper tour and I honestly was so intrigued with the thought process behind the store layout.  I am always trying to figure out things like this with retailers (am I the only one that does that?  say it ain't so!), but it was really fun to hear it straight from the horse's mouth.

What am I really really really really wanting from IKEA right now?  
Some of those beautiful new linens popping up everywhere in pretty pink florals and even in the cut fabric section -- LOVE!

...and THIS.

The whole thing -- start to finish.

How amazing would my basement look with wall to wall Algot?  


Now -- for the final question of the day...the one my husband always asks me when I come through the door after a trip to IKEA.

How much did you spend?

Was it all in the as-is section?

I plead the fifth.
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