Getting Creative at Home Blog Tour

So while four score and seven DIY/Home Bloggers are wandering the halls of the Haven Conference in Atlanta this weekend, the gals stuck at home (HELLO 8 months pregnant!!!) decided to bond together in our "at homeness" and bring you a tour!!  Are you ready for some fantastic DIY ideas, new craft blogs you have never heard of and some incredible home tours?  Well buckle up your seat belts!  It all starts Monday and you can follow along here at the Nest (see the schedule with links below) or check out all the updates on the Nest Facebook Page.  I can't WAIT to introduce you to these brilliant bloggers!

(That's my baby girl nursery up there on the middle left and my garden in the bottom center! 
 Can't wait to hear about the adorable fireplace and I wonder if those cushions are DIY in the first pic???  We will have to go touring to find out!)

Monday, Aug. 5:

Tuesday, Aug. 6:

Wednesday, Aug. 7:

Thursday, Aug. 8:

Friday, Aug. 9:

This is a great opportunity to see some great projects, browse new blogs and make some new blog friends. It's almost like being a part of the Haven Conference.  Plus, it's FREE!  

Start here on Monday to see the first five great blogs and keep following all week.  On Monday, August 12, we'll post a round-up of all the great projects for you to see on one page.

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