Getting Creative at Home Blogger Tour

WELCOME to the Getting Creative at Home Blog Tour!  
Today, I am one of your four bloggers and I am giving you the WHOLE kit and kaboodle -- my home tour!  I have been blogging for OH seven years now and never actually got my act together and put together a full fledged home tour.  Well, the time has arrived my friends!  Last week, I put together the full tour with all the projects links of everything from our boys' play spaces like the zoned loft: the girliest of spaces like our brand new little girl nursery... peeks inside our main living spaces and how they connect to one another...

...and all the way outdoors where the REAL heart of our home is.  THE GARDEN.

To see the WHOLE TOUR, please click the button at the top of the bar (The NEST HOUSE TOUR) 
or simply CLICK HERE to come visit!  I am SO very glad you stopped by!

To visit the other girls on the tour today, you can click the links below!
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