DIY Big Catchers | Mason Jars and Plastic Canvas

Need a super quick craft to finish off the last dog days of summer?
Try these super easy and fun bug catchers!

You will need:

  • Mason jars with screw top rings (you won't need the actual "lid" part)
  • Plastic Canvas (I used "supersoft clear", but any kind works!)
  • Decorations (I used this bug puppet kit)

Any little decorations will work, but I ended up using the leftovers from a Bug Puppet Kit I had ordered from Consumer Crafts.  The puppets did NOT turn out very well (the pipe cleaners were not strong enough to hold up to twirling and holding shape for puppets), but the little bug bits and pieces worked perfectly for THIS project!

To make the bug catchers, simply cut out a ring of plastic canvas the same size as the top of your jar, lay it UNDER the ring and screw the pieces tightly together.  You can add a handle (out of rope or pipe cleaner), wings, eyes, etc.  Let the kids get creative!  These don't have to be pretty -- just functional and FUN!

One note:  Do not cover up the holes in plastic canvas with tape.  
That is the one link to life the little buggies will have once they are captured.

Leftover bug pieces?  Toilet roll holders make great bug "puppets" :)

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