How to Harvest Onions

Do you like eating onions?  Then, you should be growing them.  T
here is no excuse because they are SO easy to grow!

The "hardest part" is harvesting.  Here are a few tips:

Onions are easy to pull and difficult to damage.  
Notice that the onions ready for harvest have brown tops that have fallen over and are almost "crinkly" dead.

To hasten the ripening of onions, YOU can bend those onion stalks over, but nature will do the job itself if you are in no rush.

To harvest, simply grab the onion by the little bit of stem that is left, give a gentle, 
but strong pull and let them "cure" and dry outdoors for a few days (or go ahead and eat them up fresh -- no need to wait!)

Now what was your good reason NOT to grow onions, garlic, shallots and other alliums??  Hmmm??  No reason?  
Well, get your little pencil out and mark it down for next spring - BUY ONION SETS.