Thrift Store Haul and Why Goodwill is Evil

I don't normally do "thrift store haul" type posts because I think they are boring.  
Of course, whenever someone ELSE posts one, I am ALWAYS clicking over, so perhaps they aren't as boring as I think?  

...or perhaps I am just addicted to thrifting?

In any case, I am sharing this one because a LOAD of projects are coming out of one trip to my favorite local thrift store (the Jubilee store in Palmyra for locals -- THANK YOU AMY for the introduction :)  There are a few reasons that I find it important to share the sources of items every once in awhile:

1.  Thrifting saves things. 

It saves old stuff from ending up in a trash heap, saves your $$$ from going to new things, recycles the little bit of $ you spend at the thrift store back into local economies and often to charity and provides a few jobs.

2.  Crafting is expensive.  

If you read craft blogs, it is overwhelming to imagine paying for all those supplies.  It might even be irresponsible to do so depending on your financial situation.  90% of my craft supplies are thrifted, picked up for free or provided by brands as part of my job as a craft blogger.  There are a few supplies you MUST buy from crafting suppliers (hello hot glue, chalk markers and tools like grommet punches and tag punches).  HOWEVER, many, many, many craft supplies are better supplied by searching out used materials -- saving you $$$ and recycling things destined for the trash.  Win - win, yes?

3.  Goodwill is Evil.  

Ok, so maybe that is a little dramatic, but the more I research Goodwill and the more times I stop in and don't buy a single thing, the more I start to love local thrift stores.  I don't know all the details for certain (just Google Goodwill is evil and you will get PLENTY), but I DO know that I haven't been able to find a single thing at a Goodwill in months (MONTHS!)  Prices are sky high (some of those Target clearance items are HIGHER than they were at Target - RIDIC!) and they seem to have taken out anything that is actually "good" from the racks, so there is none of the "hunt" aspect that drives we thrifters.  To that I say - BOO.

The solution?  Local thrift stores!  There are usually at least a couple and they struggle to survive (unlike Goodwill which seems to be thriving).  Donate your clothing to THEM and shop THERE and support local charities, local employees and invest in your community.  (PS -- I still find some things at Salvation Army, though they are jumping on the "take everything good out and price it way high" train).

BACK to the haul though...

I found these beautiful vintage playing cards (hello 70's florals!) for pennies and couldn't resist the little strawberry tin (below) when purchasing the gold tins for my boy's quiet tins.  (Click HERE to see what those tins hold to keep the boys busy along with activity ideas!)

Onto a few of my FAVORITES.  
This beat up and faded sheep cost a couple dollars (a high price actually for this sale!), 
but I splurged because I wanted it for our brand new little GIRL nursery! :)  See it in the corner HERE?

That pile of fabric?  It was in a giant plastic trash bag and although I WILL admit to poking a tiny hole in the bag to feel the fabric and assure myself that the quality is good, I couldn't drag it out and really look at it before purchasing.  There is bag after bag of these fabric piles, all sort of a grab bag.  At $2.00 a bag (then half priced so just a BUCK!), even a couple great pieces makes it worth it, but I was extra lucky on this one.  Some linen/burlap type stuff, a plaid, shiny black and gold for a Halloween costume and a LOT of pretty blue floral.   There are DEFINITE crafts ahead for this pile!

Poor sheep -- bad shape isn't she?  A little cleaning and removing that bow brought her RIGHT back to life! 
 See her in the bottom left corner there?  More revealing photos coming soon :)

Along with craft supplies for ME, I love scouring this thrift store for kids books and crafts.  They are OH-SO-CHEAP.  We are doing MOMMY CAMP this summer, so I need a LOT of craft supplies and buying them new would literally break the bank.  Luckily, Jubilee carries a bunch of kid kits (like growing your own rocks, bug molds, etc) for $1-3, kid books for 10 cents each and a whole bunch of basic art supplies.  I picked up some ribbons, pastels, and a bunch of kits.  (See the very first photo in this post for more kiddo stuff!)

...AND of course, it is RARE that I leave Jubilee without at least ONE piece of glassware.  I like to be able to give away flower arrangements along with the vase/container, so I am always looking for unique and cheap pieces.  Glass cleans up brilliantly, so anything cute and less than 50 cents typically goes in my cart!  A favorite this trip is that juice/tea container on the left!

Have I bored you yet?  Hanging on?

Well, brace yourself, because you will be seeing A LOT of these supplies popping up here and there throughout the summer, from MOMMY CAMP to the little girl nursery in progress to a bunch of fun and easy DIYs.  Hold your horses -- here we go!

More info for locals:  Find out more about the Jubilee store in Palmyra by visiting their site HERE.  The upstairs is "full price" (though still reasonable) and has a wonderful little seating area by the books.  My kids will sit there for 20-30 minutes checking out the books while I shop :)  They also carry discount breads, local sausage and cheese and such and more in the top level.  The BOTTOM level is the discount section and always has fabulous deals on SOMETHING, though you can't go looking for one specific thing or you will probably be disappointed.  Just keep an open mind and bring a few dollars -- you WON'T be disappointed!

 Jubilee is just about 10 minutes from downtown and it a straight shot - GO!

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beth said…
Congrats on your new baby coming. The grandparents are excited for sure. Your thrifting reminds me of your mom. She has gotten most of her things for teaching at the thrift stores. Your dad is another story. He has come up with some good things for her though.
I loved this Amy! I was totally saying to my husband this week that it's so damn hot that I need to stay indoors and that means Hey I need to go thrifting! It totally saves you money on everything. Especially on kids clothing where I get tons of name brands for my kids at 90% off their store price tag.
Amy Peca said…
OMG I am FAMOUS!! I got mentioned in your post! wahhhhooo!
I haven't forgotten about us thrifting together soon. Baseball is almost finished....almost!!!
Great post! It was captivating and had me hooked! I see lots of treasures!
I agree - goodwill is starting to irritate me - the prices! Oh how crazy the prices are getting! I do still find stuff at the small one in the town closest to me - it still seems a bit more like they used to all be. And I lvoe local thrift stores - but to find many good ones I have to make 'local' a 45 minute drive!
Amy Renea said…
Thanks for stopping by Beth - my Mom certainly does love her thrift stores!!

yes to kiddo clothes Alex!! Love me some 90% OFF!
Amy Renea said…
Of course you are famous Amy - you are brilliant and YOU SHOULD START A BLOG! ;)

...and Jill - 45 minutes is so not local :( I'm sorry :( Come visit ME and we will go thrifting!!
Love all your finds.. and I agree. Good Will and Salvation Army are ridiculous now. Each of these just opened new stores in my area about 9 months ago and when I went in they didn't have anything decent and what they did have was RIDICULOUSLY priced..