Jump Into Jewelry with Aki | Leather Cut-Out Bib Necklace

Hi again friends, it's Aki from Minted Strawberry here with another jewelry DIY. Have you seen laser cut or cut-out everything popping up everywhere? From clothing, to shoes, to bags and jewelry. Today we will be making a cut-out bib necklace that's sure to update your wardrobe for this season. Let's jump right in!

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What you need for today:

Print your template on sticker paper, resizing it if you want a smaller bib necklace. Mine is about 6" across. I used a cutting machine to cut my template on contact paper - you may do this as well if you have access to one. Note: you don't have to cut down your pattern if using sticker paper, you can just stick it directly onto your leather and cut from there. 

Stick your pattern onto your leather/pleather fabric and start cutting following the edge of the template. 
I used scissors to cut some of the outer edges and the circular parts. 

Use an X-acto knife or a box knife to cut the inner parts - I find it easier this way,
 but if you think you have better control using scissors then go ahead and finish cutting your piece using that.

After cutting, peel off your pattern to see your almost finished product. Be amazed! :3

If you have uneven or kind of ugly edges, fix that with a few snips of your scissors. 
Be careful with this part though. 

Make a hole on each end for attaching your ready-made chain. 
If you don't have a leather punching tool, carefully cut out your hole with scissors or your X-acto knife.

Now attach your ready-made chain with your connectors. 
I love using the ready-made chain and connectors from the {Styled} by Tori Spelling line of jewelry supplies. 

If you don't feel like making a bib necklace, you can trim it like so, 
by folding your bib in half and cutting up a V-shape in between the top and bottom circles. 


You can make it a smaller statement necklace or a statement cuff (and trust me, you'll look like a goddess with this cuff :D).

It gives the right oomph to a plain top if I must say so. What do you guys think? 
Well, that's it for now for me. See you again next month! Over and out! - Aki


How cute is she??  Like SERIOUSLY!  
Are you not loving Aki's Jewelry series -- she makes me want to create like no other!  
Check out her first post HERE and visit Minted Strawberry for pages and pages of inspiration!

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I always love the modular feature from Aki's accessories as I can just make one but wear it in so many ways :D It's a beautiful pattern, by the way!
Amy Renea said…
GORGEOUS pattern! Beautiful work Aki!
Aki said…
Thanks so much! :)