A Nest for All Seasons A Nest for All Seasons: DIY ICE BOATS for BOAT WEEK at the Nest

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08 July 2013


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Hot outside?  Make ICE BOATS!

Last week, we gave you a little sneak peek into Boat Week at Mommy Camp with our Soap Boats.  At the same time, we decided to do another SUPER simple boat project -- ice boats!  They are even cheaper than soap boats, but CAN be a bit more messy!

Step #1 -- Fill some olive trays (or any fun holder...we were going for canoes here...) with water.  
Put one drop of food coloring in each.

Step # 2 -- Mix the food coloring gently until the water turns the desired color.
* Want flags on your boats?  We simply placed dried apricots in the corners of the boats and stuck a flag in each one before freezing.

Step #3 -- Gently, GENTLY transfer them to a flat space in the freezer.
Do NOT let the kids do this -- I don't care how old they are!

Step #4 -- Once boats are frozen, release them from the containers and PLAY!

PS - They melt QUICK in this heat, so make sure your water table or pool is ready BEFORE getting the
boats out of the freezer or make larger boats from bigger molds for a longer playing time!

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