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Everybody welcome Onel back this month (did you miss the hairband tutorial last month?) for another sewing tutorial that YOU can do! 
 Onel is the master of simple sewing projects that give a beautiful, polished result. So grab your sewing needle and let's get started!  ~amy

Fabric Alphabet | onelmon

Hello again, readers! I'm Onel and this is my second newbie sewing post for A Nest for All Seasons (you can check out my first post here!) 
Today I am sharing a tutorial on how to make alphabets from (scrap) fabrics and what you can do with them. Let's get started!

What you need:

-- Felt/fabric scraps

-- Cotton/polyfill

-- Needle & thread

-- Scissors

    Fabric Alphabet | onelmon

    Step 1: Draw your alphabets on your chosen fabric and cut them out. Make 2 for each letter.

    Fabric Alphabet | onelmon

    Step 2: Stitch the two layers of fabric together.

    Fabric Alphabet | onelmon

    Step 3: Give it some filling before closing it.

    Fabric Alphabet | onelmon

    Step 4: Close stitch and repeat the steps above for the other 25 alphabets!

    Fabric Alphabet | onelmon

    What can you use them for? You can use these fabric alphabets for kids learning ABCs and colors.

    Fabric Alphabet | onelmon

    Or you can use these as initials to personalize your belongings :)


    Isn't she wonderful?  I have like SIX ideas ALREADY where I could use these super cute letters!  
    Attached to gifts?  CHECK  As fridge magnets?  CHECK  keychains?  CHECK  on backbacks?  YES!  The possibilities are endless!

     Go visit Onel on her craft blog, Onelmon, right HERE for more awesome tutorials!

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    SO cute! And the best part, I can hand stitch them. Love!
    Thanks, Alex! I love hand stitch too. I have just started learning how to sew with the machine. It's definitely faster but sometimes machines are just scary :p
    Aki said…
    I always mess up projects with machines cause I tend to multitask while sewing. Hehe. Good craft for kids too, I shall make my sister try it :)
    Hahaha, you're right, Aki! This can be a good sewing exercise for your sister. Not to mention that there are at least 26 of them! I rarely multitask while sewing but I easily get distracted, like really easily ;)
    lisa woodock said…
    Hi! I LOVE this. Where however, is the pdf of the letters for the free patterns to make the letters??? HELP?? I love this and want to do it.
    Amy Renea said…
    Hi Lisa! It looks like Onel simply printed out a chunky font on her printer and used that as a guide -- see the "c" in the second picture? Hope that helps!
    Miko said…
    hi! what kind of stitch did you use? could you explain how did you do it? thanks!!
    Fabric Heart said…
    so crafty. I am sure the fabric has so many choices of fabric for this kind of project.