DIY Cloud Dough and a Grandma with Moxie

It is BACK to Mommy Camp this week folks!  Last weekend we had a short week at home with a planned vacation to DC with my husband's fam (that the kids and Daddo went on) and an unplanned trip to Cincinnati for my Grandmother's funeral for me.

The trip was bittersweet, but in many ways, I was so inspired and proud of my Granmother's moxie.  She had been sick for the longest time and she finally got sick of hanging onto a painstaking life by the barest of threads, so she ripped out her feeding tube in a final act of independence.  Read that again.  My feeble grandmother who couldn't speak the last time I visited, with gnarled, weak hands, ripped the feeding tube right out of her stomach and said ENOUGH.  I want to see my Jesus.  I believe that is the very definition of moxie.

...but now we are back and settled back into our routine of Mommy Camp and I wanted to share one of our FAVORITE activities of the week!

Limited Edition Pop-up Valentines

There are a host of recipes on the internet for this dough, but basically it is flour and some type of binder, mixed until it just holds it's form.  It has a pretty white (ish) color, molds well and the texture of the flour is oh-so-soft.

I used:  Half a bag of all purpose flour and around 1 cup of canola oil

I wanted to use a scented baby oil, but couldn't find any under the sink :(  In any case, at least the birds and critters could eat this stuff up when we were done playing with it!  I am looking forward to whipping up various concoctions of the stuff later this summer (I'm thinking cornmeal and oil for sand week!).

What ingredients do YOU use?
sand dough? 
cloud dough?  
moon sand? 
 I'd love to see YOUR fav!

PS - Don't forget to enter the $900+ giveaway this week right HERE, come back next week for more CLOUD WEEK and come back Thursday to meet our newest contributor (she's a FOODIE!) for some Rocky Road YUM-YUM bars (that's what I call them anyway) :)

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