So I went into what I consider "Crazy-Crafty Mom" territory this week when boat week translated into the kiddo's FOOD.  Typically, that is just way too much work for me, but I had an idea in the morning, and afternoon the "boat" ideas just kept rolling, so I just went with it.  Please don't believe that many of my kid meals turn out this cute.  Typically -- they are a mad rush of 4 food groups??  Does yogurt count for 2  Good! DONE.

Disclaimer aside though...these little "toast boats" are quick and easy and really blew the kids' minds, so they are worth a try.


  • Toast, simply trim rounded edges off a square piece of toast (See top photo of post) and toast normally.
  • Yogurt, put a drop of blue food coloring into some blueberry (or vanilla) yogurt and make "waves" on the plate with a toothpick and/or spoon.
  • Dried Apricots, these are your decorations or portholes and hold up little toothpick flags
  • Flags, Use premade flags (like the American flags we used HERE) or create your own with a little washi tape and toothpick.

***NOTE:  Put the yogurt down first and then make sure ALL the ingredients
 AND the kids are ready before putting the toast on the yogurt.  It will get soggy if it stays on there long!

Do you think they liked it?  The answer is a SOLID yes (note child licking his plate...)

Lunch was even easier...

I had a hash leftover from the night before, so I made little tortilla "boats" to serve it in.   Simply bend a tortilla into a little bowl, or mold it over a little bowl (both shown below, both work) and then pop them in a 350 degree oven until they start to get crisp (5-10 minutes).

Fill the "boats" with whatever you have for lunch and the kids will think you are brilliant.

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