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01 July 2013

Best of the Nest in June -- WHADDUYA MISS?

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June is over and July is  HERE -- bring on the firecrackers and picnics! 
 Did you miss any of the highlights at the Nest last month?  Here are the biggies!

Mommy Camp started up for the summer with:

DIY Maracas (and a basement "music room" makeover to go with them coming soon!)
(...and my own personal favorite...) Block and Rock Week

We also celebrated CHEF WEEK here, 
starting off with the GROCERY STORE REVEAL!

Did you miss the contributor posts this month?  Check them out below!

...and you might have missed MY contributor posts over at Crafts Unleashed and Making Lemonade

Leather and Barbell Bracelet
Basic Gilding Canvas
Simple Pennant Bunting
Laminated Grocery Store Labels
(full tutorials and behind-the-scenes for these and all Crafts Unleashed posts coming soon!)
How to Grow and Harvest Your Own Mustard

Also Coming SOON!

Our trip to the strawberry fields of California...

...and spot the imposter flower arrangements from the dollar store!

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