3 Throwaway Packagings that make PERFECT Craft Supplies!

This post is NOT sponsored by Costco.

So all club stores are different, and yet many carry the same products.  I found these all at our local Costco, but certain items (like the spaghetti sauce) are worth looking into at your local Sams or BJ's as well.

Orange Boxes -- These boxes are $10-11, full of oranges for the kiddos all summer and make perfect little boxes for these touch and feel nature boxes we made last month.  They could also hold art supplies, musical instruments - you name it!


Classico Spaghetti Sauce -- The easy summer night meal, spaghetti and red sauce -- just got better!

  These sauce bottles are thick glass and are pretty glass Atlas jars in disguise. 
Clean them up and remove the labels and you will soon have a collection of jars for drinks, storage, and DIY projects galore!

Jasmine Rice Burlap Bags -- Our family eats a lot of rice. Growing boys and a baby girl ya know?! Anyway, several Halloweens ago, my sister-in-law Kate had the brilliant idea to turn these burlap bags into costumes. The girls walking around as "bags of rice" were adorable (wish I had a pic of that!!  I'm sure Kate does!  :)  anywho............

 ...while burlap for crafting isn't cheap, getting it for FREE when you buy rice is even better.
 (...and did I mention how much more amazing the Jasmine rice TASTES is vs. plain old white??)

finally....These shorts.  (I couldn't find them @ Costco.com, but someone is selling a pair on ebay HERE)  OK - so you can't upcycle them. HOWEVER. I put them on the lists because I wore them ALL LAST summer when I wasn't pregnant AND all THIS summer when I am. The elastic is a very thick waistband and is very "secure", meaning it supports your pregnant belly SO very nicely!  So if you are preggers this summer, try to find a pair at your local Costco - cheap and comfy!

Ao that is all folks!  A non-sponsored posts encouraging you to buy stuff from Costco with the end goal of upcycling the trashable packaging into craft supplies :)  What do YOU upcycle?

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