This space REALLY, really needs a.....................................

So the last time we peeked at this porch 'o mine, I mentioned that this picnic table needed a little somethin'-somethin'.  What was YOUR guess?  I mean come on....the sky is blue, the plants are green, the paint is perfect, the picnic table is solid and ready for watermelon afternoons and ice cream sundae evenings - what is missing?!

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That should give you a clue, eh??

YUP - that is right!  We need a RUG!!!  That big plain expanse of concrete is just TOO much now that the paint is one big perfect blank slate and now it needs to be broken up a little.  I considered a stencil (that may still happen), but am leaning more towards a "buy it and throw it down" rug instead.  Your thoughts??

This green beauty from Amazon would be perfect, but it is out of stock at the moment.  Maybe I could settle for the orange chevron
 ....OR something a little more subtle like this lime and cream version?

The problem is that I really don't just need ONE rug for the deck....more like three.  See this space?

For this table arrangement, I want something a little more textured and patterned to contrast against the diagonal of the porch lines.  This Sakura Lemongrass from The Perfect Rug is...well...just perfect.

...but there are a ton of new rug materials to choose from -- sisal rugs in straw, tusk and tobacco; seagrass rugs in kalo, boucle and biscayne and the jute rugs in brald, tan and gray. The outdoor collection is simply chock full of patterns and colors in natural hues.  How to pick?!

Then there is THIS little vignette. |below|  

Perfect little swing.

Firepit that is no longer disgustingly rusted.

What does it need?

You know what else these spaces need?

MORE PLANTS. two giant pots overflowing on either side of these doors...

Plants and Rugs.  Rugs and Plants.

The essential building blocks for any DIY deck.  

Now who wants to buy me a few rugs??

(...and where have YOU picked up your favorite outdoor rugs??  Anyone?? )

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