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Today is a very, very special day here at the Nest! We are welcoming Onel of Onelmon with her first contributor post.  You guys are going to LOVE her!  ...and in the spirit of love, go say HELLO! to her on her blog, her facebook page, perhaps on twitter, G+ or even pinterest.  Let her know I sent you and give her a biggo bloggy hug!


Hello, wonderful readers of A Nest for All Seasons! I am Onel, the blogger behind the craft blog Onelmon: Crafting Experiments, and I'm so excited to be here today, at Amy's beautiful nest to share a craft tutorial with you. We are going to make a flower hairband today with some felt and thread. Don't worry if you are not good with sewing (because I'm not too!) as this craft only involves some basic stitches, but if you really can't handle needle and thread (which is like me a few months ago), just trade them with glue (yes, you can) :-D Alright! Let's jump to the tutorial!

What you need:

  1. Felt;
  2. Elastic hairband;
  3. Needle & thread.

Step 1: Cut a piece of felt in the shape of a rectangle with scallop pattern on its top and bottom parts (image above).
The width of the rectangle depends on the thickness of your hair, which is the diameter of your hairband.


Step 2: Make the two ends meet and join them with stitches.


Step 3: Grasp the felt tightly and slip your elastic hairband in.


Step 4: Pull the top and the bottom part of the felt so they could meet while keeping the hairband in the middle.


Step 5: Join each "petal" of the flowers with stitches (make sure you are pairing the top and bottom right!).


Step 6: Run another line of stitches beside the hairband to secure its position.


Step 7: Grasp it again to make a shape of a flower bud.


Step 8: Tie your hair and slip the flower in. That's it!



What do you think? You can also add more layers of colorful petals if you like or try some other forms of flowers...
 (Tulip, Rose or even the gigantic Rafflesia!) ;-)

And that would be all for the tutorial today. Thank you for reading! Hope you enjoy it! :-D Have a great day, everyone!

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Gail Wilson said…
how cute is Onel, and that felt flower hair band!


Natalie said…
Oh wow! That looks so cute and fairly simple! My daughter would love to make these with her friends! Thanks!
Amy Renea said…
Thanks for stopping by Gail and Natalie :) I think Onel (and her crafts!) is/are adorable too ;)
Thank you everyone, for the thoughts! Your sweet comments make me blushed :)
Julia Konya said…
That's such a cute idea. My daughter would love this!
Carrie said…
Super cute idea, I think I'll make one with Abby-- she's VERY into flowers right now.