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06 June 2013

Mommy Camp: Touch and Feel Nature Box for (almost) FREE!

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This summer I will be popping in and out with a simple series called "Mommy Camp" -- simple ideas on the cheapie for keeping the kiddos thinking and creating all summer long!  This first installment of the series comes today with this simple touch and feel nature box!

The Touch and Feel Nature Box DIY is NOT sponsored by Costo.

When we hit up Costco last week, I had to convince my husband that this giant box of oranges were a good buy for us.  Why?  Well, because the boys eat like wolves and go through fruit like fruit bats, but also because I had an idea for the box.  This is what I saw in my head...

This is what stood in front of us at the store:

The project is simple, though it can be a little messy! 
 I simply lined the box with scrapbooking paper, adhering the paper with mod podge and then lining the edges with washi tape.  

...and what exactly is it FOR? Well, remember those boxes at the science center that have hidden things from nature in them you have to reach down and touch without looking?    Hope that a small critter doesn't bite your finger off?  Well, throw some rocks, sticks, feathers and such on a table, put your box on top and you can scare your kids silly!  (...and teach them a bit about texture and nature at the same time :)

You could also use the box for art supply storage (picture bunches of tall paintbrushes in cups, leaning against those holes) or perhaps this box could be one of many in a series of building blocks for a cardboard house??  Ask your kiddos -- the possibilities are endless!  Now go get some oranges!

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