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Hold on to your hats folks -- you are going to LOVE the next set of DIYs we have coming up for you! Aki is our newest contributor here at the nest and she is a jewelry MASTER -- totally puts my silly bar bracelets to shame!  I can't wait to learn from her and am excited for you to meet her!  

Visit Aki's {amazing and OH so cute} blog at Minted Strawberry, then go give her a little love on facebook or pinterest! Let her know I sent ya!! ;) 

 Now without further ado.....................

Hi Guys! It's Aki here visiting from Minted Strawberry. I'm so excited to share with you guys a really easy jewelry tutorial - using shrink plastic, or what you would know as 'shrinky dinks' from childhood. Don't be scared - what we'll be doing today is really easy and requires just a teensy bit of effort. So let's proceed, yes? :)

What you'll need:

First, print your template out. You may want to print it on cardboard so it's easier to trace (alternatively, if you have the printable shrink plastic, you can just print directly onto it). Cut outside the line, then trace onto your shrink plastic. Cut that out. You should have - two pieces of the small pattern and two pieces of the medium pattern. For three-step earrings, you should have an additional two pieces of the large pattern.

If you're apprehensive to use a drill, you should punch your holes now. Make sure the holes are completely aligned when you stack them all together. Bake your shrink plastic according to the package directions. Note: bake a test piece before baking your cuts, so you would know the best shrink temperature for your plastic. Too low heat and your shrink plastic will shrink unevenly and too high will make it shrink fast and it would not be flat.

Stack your pieces together and glue them to each other like in the photo above. You may want to use a binder clip to clamp them together until they dry. If you haven't made a hole yet, drill the holes after the glue dries (give it about an hour or so). Of course, use caution when using a power tool :)

Paint your piece now - I love using Rustoleum's Specialty Metallic Spray Paint in Gold, as it gives a really believable gold/shiny brass look (as compared to other formulas that give off a murky, brown looking gold). Wait for that to dry completely.

Now, open up your jump ring and slide it into the hole. Before closing, thread the earring hook or post onto the jump ring, making sure the right side faces the right way when you wear it. Close the jump rings and you are done!

Now wear your grown-up shrinky dink craft proudly! Wasn't that easy? If you like it, of course come and say hi on my blog as well as for more earring and other jewelry tutorials. Anyway, that's it for today folks. Until next time!

...and remember... Visit Aki's {amazing and OH so cute} blog at Minted Strawberry, then go give her a little love on facebook or pinterest


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Kelly said…
Wow! Hard to believe those are DIY. They are AWESOME!!
Carrie said…
I had no idea that was shrink plastic... love it! Now my mind is spinning with ideas!
Ginger Walls said…
I am definitely going to try this. I have shrink plastic just waiting for a project like this! Great idea.
Julia Konya said…
How pretty! Love this idea.