Honeycomb Wall Stencil DIY -- STEP 1 to a Girly Nursery!

Welcome to our little girl's new nursery!  

This is the first tutorial (of many!) so get ready to see this nest get GIRL-I-FIED!

Honeycomb Wall Stencil DIY for Nursery
This space sponsored by Royal Design Studio and the  Allover Modern Stencils Collection

The first wall I tackled in this space was the crib wall, to the right when you walk in the door. 
I knew I needed something against that wall because it was big and blank and beat up from the boy previously living in the space!

See how blank she is??

Honeycomb Wall Stencil DIY for Nursery

Royal Design Studio saved the day by provided the All-over Honeycomb Stencil and I knew right away that I wanted the stencil to fade in some way across the wall.  The questions was how much I wanted the pattern to fade and in which colors.

Honeycomb Wall Stencil DIY for Nursery
Color:  Copper Kettle Stencil Crème
I decided to go with a deep metallic copper (HELLO penny!), through some golds and peaches and finally into the pink/peach painted throughout the room on walls and furniture.  The stencil is MUCH larger than I anticipated and made the process go quicker than I thought it would.

Honeycomb Wall Stencil DIY for Nursery

To achieve the fainting color across the design, I put a VERY small amount of paint on the stencil brush, started in the darkest corner and painted a dot in the center of each comb.  Then I came back in over top of each and dry brushed the copper onto each space and faded in golds and pinks.

To add in shimmer, I added in gold glass paint here and there, filling some combs completely and the shimmer of the combs changes depending on the light and where you stand in relation to the stenciling - magical!

Honeycomb Wall Stencil DIY for Nursery

Here is the wall started in dark copper and fading into pink.  At this point, I had to go back and add a little more gold to the coppers and a little more copper to the pinks on the edge/middle.  The color faded a WEE bit too quickly as I wanted the design to trip and fall across the entire wall.

Honeycomb Wall Stencil DIY for Nursery

That is better!

Honeycomb Wall Stencil DIY for Nursery

Just wait until the paint is dry and reattach the stencil over already completed areas to add in more colors and add more combs.  I attached the stencil to the wall with a simple painting tape and had no problems with paint peeling off, residue, etc.

Honeycomb Wall Stencil DIY for Nursery

Once the stenciling was completed, I added in a couple "falling" combs down to the floor
 (see behind the rocking chair?) just to add to the sense of movement.

Honeycomb Wall Stencil DIY for Nursery

Next on the list??

Those letters down there are getting a bit of shine and THAT WALL over there needs a little love, don't you think? 
STAY TUNED!  There are 3 more walls and maybe even a ceiling that need a little attention!

Honeycomb Wall Stencil DIY for Nursery

Supplies Used:

Honeycomb Wall Stencil DIY for Nursery
This space sponsored by Royal Design Studio and the  Allover Modern Stencils Collection.
Compensation was provided for this post, but all opinions and experiences are mine alone.  Please email for rates and restrictions on the content.
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Amy that wall is just stunning! What a gorgeous job you did with the colors and fading!
Nessa Bixler said…
Amy - I have been super stalking and not commenting for so long I feel so bad. But so loving all these baby girl posts. I have been so looking forward to see all the baby crafty I knew you would have coming our way. Then I was floored when I saw this gorgeousness and came - hat in hand to say - I will not lurk as much.
Amy Renea said…
Keri - you are so sweet - thanks honey!!!

Nessa - I am just happy to have you here girl - I understand when peeps can't comment!!! and THANK YOU!! Having so much fun decorating with PINK!
Amber said…
Holy WOW at that wall! I also love the Penny letters with pennies. Clever! :)
Beth said…
Amy I love this! Knockout my friend!!
Sherry Clarke said…
Oh My Goodness! Amy this is so beautiful! What a wonderful way to add character to your sweet nursery. Lucky little girl!!! I love the varied color intensities. So pretty!
That is beautiful Amy! What a beautiful nursery for your little baby girl coming soon!
Jenni Ahokas said…
What a lovely idea! When I saw a phpto of your wall, I was amazed! I love all those colours together and that glitter.
So beautiful! I love the way it turned out!
Shannon Fox said…
Oh Amy... it's so lovely. Just delicate, and shimmery and full of wonder. I adore it. You really outdid yourself!!
I am loving this honeycomb wall! The ombre effect was genius!
Unknown said…
it is beautiful! you only used the copper creme and white peach colors?it looks like more than 2 colors. if so may i ask what they were?
Amy Renea said…
Mainly just different blendings of the copper and light peach, but I did throw in a bit of Martha Stewart glitter glass paint here and there. Mainly those first two though!