DIY Deck Reveal -- Before and After

"THE DECK" has always been on our list of "to-dos".  When we moved into the house, the white trellis was covered in algae and rust, the paint job on the deck and banisters was peeling and furnishings were dismal to say the least.  As year after year passed, we made small little improvements, but the deck was still a sort-of embarrassing place in our home.  Now?  It just makes me say AHHHHHHHHH...

The before of this section of porch wasn't SO so bad.  Last year, I painted that big white trellis and we actually purchased some furniture so there was a place to eat.  I gave the floor a coat of ocean-like teal (which I loved!) and it lasted until the chickens came onto the porch.  OH and until it snowed all winter (what happens when you use up interior paint left in the basement instead of purchasing the pricey new porch and floor paint....)

In any case -- it worked for last year, but it was time we bit the bullet and REALLY tackled the deck.   First item of business?  Gallons and gallons of porch/floor exterior paint in two shades of brown/tan/putty/dirt and the strong muscles and patient painting souls of my brother-in-law and sister-in-law Kate and Chris.  They came up one day last week and painted every. last. banister and gave the porch that seamless foundation it so desperately needed.  (Side Note:  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU CHRIS and KATE!)

Paint was just the foundation though.  You see, we had ISSUES on this deck.  As embarrassing as the peeling paint was, we still used this deck A LOT and our storage solutions were sad to say the least -- as showcased by the piles of shoes, toys and gardening supplies EVERYWHERE. (it only got worse from here -- this is a decent looking before pic...)

The solution?  

Cheap (but VERY sturdy) baskets and boxes and a VERY good sorting (more to come on those -- can you see what is on the top??)

The next sad looking section of the porch was another hard working corner -- the grill and garden supply corner.  We do have a shed for garden supplies, but it is at the back of the property and I need a small amount of tools and such right outside the back door.

The problem?  

The whole place looked like a mulch monster spit up on it.

The solution?  

  • PAINT (more of it!)
  • a new organizational system (That's a vintage metal BREADBOX y'all!)
  • a good grill cleaning and garden supply sorting
  • Pretty details like the pennant banner (tutorials to come!)

Then there is THIS expanse of concrete.  Without the benefit of those diagonal wood planks to add at least a wee little bit of distraction from the sad looking paint and disorganized seating -- it just looked trashy by year three of kiddo abuse and adult neglect.

AHHHHH...that is better.

Picnic Tables from Lowes
We finally bit the bullet and bought picnic tables (2 so far, but we have our eye on 2 more!)  Did you know they are only $99??  Why did we wait so long?  I toyed with the idea of making our own, but for 99 bucks, fully assembled?  It was a no-brainer.  They are the perfect tables for eating, crafting, reading, beating up and generally weathering like pros.  I CANNOT believe we waited this long!

Flags from
That cute little seating set for the kids you saw in the before photo?  It was a gift several years ago from Nana and Pop and while the green chairs have held up VERY nicely, the little table had not.  A quick coat of appliance paint on the top (I bought about 5 cans of appliance paint in "almond" when they were on clearance for a buck -- works great on anything metal!) and voila - sweet little table and chairs, nestled into the perfect little spot for the kiddos!

Kids Seating from Lowes, Placemats from Biglots
This area on the far left of the deck (to the left of the white trellis and sort of in front of that gardening corner/grill area) looks so VERY much better with a simple coat of paint.  We had a bench along that wall for a year (left by the previous owners -- on its last legs literally) until it collapsed.  This year, I had OH about 30 pots lined up there for seed starting and now?  Just enjoying the clean and empty expanse of deck with those dynamic knockout roses peaking through, but at some point, perhaps we will add something there.  What do YOU think?  Add another bench?  Leave it alone?

From dirty, ICK, well worn, worked and tired, the deck and porch are now spiffy and ready to conquer spring and summer!

HOWEVER --  there is STILL something missing -- something a bit "off".

Can YOU see it??

what this space still needs desperately is a................

Can YOU guess??


MORE coming soon from the deck makeover:

  • Porch and Deck Landscaping for the DIY budgeted black thumbs
  • Simple Tutorial for the Outdoor Shoe Boxes
  • Pennant Banner Tutorial
  • More on that Vintage Metal Breadbox
  • Creating Views from each of the (count-em-up!) FIVE windows along the porch and deck walls
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Lovely. We are slowly, very slowly working towards some of my dreams for the outside of our home! And I think yours looks perfect - what could possibly be missing? Can't wait to see what it is ;)
Torviewtoronto said…
looks fabulous wonderful colours lovely pictures
Laura said…
I think it looks great, Amy! I can see you having lots of great family time out there. and the bunting is festive.
meg said…
LOVE it!! i think the space still needs a little tiny GIRL ;)
Heatherlee said…
Love it! I totally want a picnic table now!