Design your own DIY Kid's Play Grocery Store, Grocery Store!

Grocery store, grocery store -- the chant I hear all day long when I ask the kids where they want to play!  They are enamored (for now!) with this space for imaginary play.  Forget my arts and crafts ideas -- they want to get creative on their own in the grocery store!

Welcome to Chef Week!  

Many more ideas to come throughout the week, but the main impetus for this week's theme was the completion (FINALLY!) of our little basement grocery store.  This grocery store has been a work in progress for a while now and I've been anxious to "open" this creative play space for the kids and let them unleash their imaginary play ideas in their very own grocery store!

The "store" is housed in a small room off the main living space in our basement.  Behind those shelves lives the water treatment system for the house and beyond the playroom is a storage room (see it in back), laundry room and the "dirty" storage area with some garden/garage tools and extra food. 

 Each of the shelving units pulls out completely to access the water treatment stuff, 
but when we don't need to get in there, the boys have free reign in this room!

Now down to the fun part! Decorating!

1.  Each shelf got a coat of paint on the inside, while the shelves retained a border of white.
2.  Each shelf then received a piece of wood to hold in the produce on the front.  (These are upcycled bunk bed slats)
3.  My parents graciously purchased all the wooden fruits, veggies, money and grocery carts to stock the store.
4.  They also purchased the little grocery store table/chalkboard combo you see in the center of the photo below (nice, aren't they?!?)
5. I added a panel of outdoor fabric in brown/white polka dot to allow easy access to the water spigots and break up the rows of shelving.
6.  To further break up those linear lines, I gave my pennant banner a new home here in the grocery store! (full tutorial to come!)
7.  The floor received a quick paint job in red and orange, the scallop was created by making a cereal box template and painting around it.
8. We created chef hats and aprons as part of chef week. (full tutorial to come!)
9. I added laminated grocery store cards to mark where each set of produce belongs. (full tutorial tomorrow!)
10.  Unleash the babies and let them play!

Interested in learning more about the details?  
Keep your eyes open for more tutorials, starting with these laminated grocery store tags!

...and you will not want to miss the tutorial for these aprons and chef hats coming soon on Crafts Unleashed!
They are super cute and cheaper and easier than you might imagine!

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meg said…
WOW. you are amazing... like, seriously... AMAZING!!!!!! love this!
Amy Renea said…
Thank you thank you Meg!! :)
Lynette said…
Where did your parents purchase the grocery table/chalkboard? This is adorable and I am looking for something like this for my grandchildren.
Amy Renea said…
Will have to check on that Lynette -- from a teacher's catalog, but I am not sure which one!