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So if you haven't met Lauren yet, you haven't met your new best friend. (Alison Rosen anyone? no?) Ok, well, here is the thing.  Lauren is one of those girls that just instantly attracts people to her.  She is that girl you want to be your best friend that actually WILL BE your best friend.  She comes across on her blog as kind and friendly, approachable and wonderfully creative.  She is inspiring and brilliant with her DIYs, but her personality is definitely what gets folks to stick around.  She is one of those bloggers that you just stop by to read once in awhile because you are having a bad day and need a little happy joy in your life.  I told you - you WANT her to be your new best friend.

Wondering what the heck a redbud is here at the nest?  Read THIS POST to get started!

Meet Redbud Lauren:

Now moving on to those awesome DIY's I was telling you about.  I found Lauren on Looksi because of THIS POST where she came up with the most FABULOUS new mom gift.  Brilliant I tell you!  (Those post-it notes on the diapers are just AWESOME).

...but the DIY gifts just kept coming.  There was the leather painted purse:

...and then back in the archives came these cute little burp cloths:

...and this adorable banner (with a free cut file!):

Y'all it just keeps going and going and going.  You WANT to know this girl, I am telling you! 
 Go say hey to Miss Lauren, like her on facebook or give her a little comment love.  You will fall in love - I promise!


Lauren Lanker said… this for real? Seriously, I can't stop pinching myself right now, I'm so floored by this post, Amy. I just read your post on the backstory behind Redbuds and I'm all the more touched and encouraged by your words here.

I actually just got back from a family trip where I "unplugged" for the weekend, so coming back, this comes as such a wonderful surprise. You have been such a great inspiration TO ME, especially with all of your generous blogging tips, so the fact that you consider me an inspiration to others is so very humbling indeed.

Sending you the biggest virtual hug right now. Thank you for making my DAY!

The Thinking Closet
Kelly said…
As Lauren's actual BFF, solidified through several emails and confirmed by friendship-bracelets-which-may-not-technically-exist-yet-but-who-cares, I cannot endorse this. Lauren, your BFF-ship has been claimed and I'll thank you for your loyalty. You're free to get second-in-line BFFs - and I know you will have gazillions as everyone reads your blog - but the first-in-line spot has been taken. Thanks for your understanding.

Kelly @ View Along the Way
Lauren Lanker said…
Kelly, as always, your comment made me smile. How fortunate am I to have a bff as loyal as you! (And we've gotta get to work on those friendship bracelets....)
Amy Renea said…
HAH! Standing down and taking best friend spot number TWO! Lauren you are totally welcome -- it is SO deserved!
Amy Renea said…
PS - How the heck did I not know you guys knew each other?!? Whaaaaa?!?
Lauren Lanker said…
Ha ha. My best friendship with the hilariously wonderful Ms. Kelly has developed "fast and furious" for lack of a better term. We connected through blog comments and emails back in February, and it wasn't long before we realized we were long lost besties, which soon led to squeals about meeting for the first time at Haven. Which leads me to ask...will YOU be at Haven this August, Amy, so that I can meet you and your fabulous self?
Amy Renea said…
OH how I wish Lauren!! Baby is due about that time though, so I will be holed up in the AC or the pool waiting for baby to COME OUT already! :) Someday though!!