In Bloom: Lilac, Apple Blossom and Daffie Minis

I love this time in spring when you walk out the back door and get all excited about what might have opened in bloom each morning.  Sometimes the scent alerts you, sometimes it is just a blast of color.  Other times, those blooms dip and hide under bigger plants and it is like finding little fairies at work calling tiny little plants into bloom.  In any case, romanticized or not, you can't help bu love what is blooming NOW.  The lilacs have opened into full bloom and the scent about knocks you over.  Add to that the last of the daffodils (the minis!) and the Apple trees doing all they can  to call in the legions of bees with their wavy, frilly blooms and AHHHHH.  Pure beauty.

What is blooming in YOUR garden today?

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