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02 May 2013

Grow Mint from a BEAT UP Hanging Basket or in Simple Window Boxes

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Here is my typical gardening face -- calm, yes, but a bit grumpy thanks to that scorching sun. 

The solution?  Moisture wicking, sun protecting (and good looking!) gardening gear from Duluth.  Beyond all the benefits of wicking away sweat and sun protection and such that the Duluth products offer, I particularly like this skort because...

It translates!  I just brush off the dirt (the cloth is kind of slick and easy to clean), throw on a jean jacket and I can go pick up a kiddo or two from school without looking ridiculous!

So today we garden in a SKORT!

Benefit #2?  You can squat and bend over in these skorts easily, making gardening a snap, but keeping you presentable to the neighbors.  Win-win, eh?

Then there is the adorable shirt. I found it was actually a little TOO large, so consider the sizes run the slightest bit big.  Order your typical size and anticipate a little looseness for easy working in the garden.

NOW -- on to our project -- See those hanging baskets up there?  Last year they held my Boston ferns.  I like to overwinter them (read how to HERE), but alas, I did not water them all winter (no water, AT ALL), so of course they died.  Being the lazy gardener that I am, I did not want to dump everything out and start from scratch, nor did I want to buy new ferns, so I went to one of my go-to plants to save just about anything............................................................................................................................................................................


Just grab just a sprig:

Pull up by the roots and simply push it down into the potting soil in the basket.

...or even better?

Instead of pulling the mint up vertically, pull gently sideways and surprise!  
You will start taking out mint plant after mint plant, all in a nice row along a big old root strand.

The very aspect of mint that makes it KILLER to remove from a garden when unwanted 
makes it the PERFECT plant for reviving a sad and tired hanging basket on the quickie.


Well simple...that curvy piece of root fits around the edge of the basket just perfectly.  
Each little mint plant will grow quickly and easily, creating a fast border all around the exterior of the basket.

So why can't you do this with any plant??  Why mint?

1.  Mint acts like a weed.  It grows anywhere, with little nutritional needs and in harsh environements.
2.  Mint doesn't mind water, but doesn't need a ton.  Less maintenance on baskets!
3.  Mint can be shoved into the basket, walked away from and a week later the plant you thought was dead is ALIVE!
4.  Mint grows UP, but also grows OUT meaning it will fill up a round basket quite nicely.
5.  You can train mint to grow in and out of basket sides and poke down over and through the edges.

Basically, it is tough as nails, but pretty and smells DIVINE!

Happy face gardener!

On to the (GORGEOUS) oilcloth bag.  It is thick and strong and OH so cute with a million and two pockets for everything you could possibly need in the garden.  I am in LOVE with this bag and am totally craving a few more from this line.

The cloth is perfectly water resistant and tough enough to stand up to any abuse.  Can I say anymore to convince you?  BUY THIS BAG!

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    Now get gardening!

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    creativegoddess Thursday, May 02, 2013  

    I love mint and we have a ton in our yard.
    I also love that bag! I need a way to keep all of my small tools in an easy to grab container.

    Lisa Nelsen-Woods Thursday, May 02, 2013  

    I seriously want that skort!

    Stephanie Chan Thursday, May 02, 2013  

    I saw they had some really nice work gloves...would love a pair for myself! Or a hat for gardening. Thanks for the giveaway!

    Sherry Clarke Wednesday, May 08, 2013  

    Thanks so much for the mint tips! I have mint growing "wild" in my side yard and I've been dying to put it somewhere else. If I'd only known how easy it would be! Now I want to add it to my hanging pots. So smart. AND that bag is pretty fab! I want one of those.

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