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28 May 2013

DIY Lace Embroidery Hoops -- The Trend Continues!

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This is SUCH a super easy project, but the lace adds a beautiful touch of whimsy when backlit.  (Have you noticed whimsy is one of my theme words for this new baby girl nursery?  I am so into anything that makes her imagination SOAR!)  Back to those hoops though...   

I found these hoops for super cheap at my thrift store's going-out-of-business sale (It was SO exciting, but SO - SO sad y'all!).  I think I bought all of them for around $1.50, including the large oval hoop I used for my butterfly mobile and a few extras that didn't make it into this project.  If you buy them online, they run about $3-5.  Make sure you go for the pretty wooden kind like this one and don't give into the appeal of the cheap prices on the plastic hoops.  Against the lace, the look will just be cheap :/

The only other supply you will need is lace.  I found mine in the remnant fabric bin at WalMart (yes they DO have great things sometimes!) for around a dollar.  I flexed my embroidery hoop art muscles on these girly hoops, using the same lace over a solid blue fabric.  This time around though, I wanted to celebrate the twinkling light that filters through the lace every morning as the sun rises through this particular window.  

All that to say -- basically you need only THREE things and about 10 minutes for this craft.  



1. Measure lace to be an inch or two wider on all sides from your hoops.

2.  Lay the lace over your bottom hoop (with no screw).

3.  The hoops come in two pieces, two hoops that fit snuggly together.  You simply loosen that screw up top to release them and tighten it to secure the hoops.  Push the LARGER hoop down over your fabric that is OVER the smaller hoop.  Pull very tight and tighten the screw to secure.

4.  Trim the fabric around the back of the hoop.

5.  YOU ARE DONE.  How is that for a quick craft?

Ok, so you are not TOTALLY done.  You still need to hang those puppies!  Simply secure them via fishing line to a curtain rod, hooks or pins in the ceiling or any which way you can.  THEN you are done :) 


Want the quick and easy instructions?  Just pin the image below!

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