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25 April 2013

The Way I Like Tea

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Can we take a simple moment to discuss the merits of unaltered tea.  I typically love my sugar, salt and blow-your-palette seasoning, but I recognize the gentleness of tea and the complex flavors of different blends.  I find myself reaching for a little sugar or honey now and again, but typically, I like tea pure.  If I am making fresh herbal tea from the garden, it only gets the slightest hint of sweetness and the flavor of the lemon or mint can simply sing.

Can we now take a moment and talk about the weirdos that put CREAM in their tea?  To me it feels like pouring mustard on a donut or something.  The fastest way to ruin a cup of tea is to drown it in a boatload of cream (and don't get me started on FLAVORED creamers...)  Holy moly -- do people actually do this?  Do you put cream in your tea?

...of course...this is coming from the girl who drinks black coffee for 3 weeks after giving birth, but
then dives right back into flavored cream spiked brews thereafter.  Hypocritical me.

How do YOU like your tea?  (or coffee?)

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Lena Friday, April 26, 2013  

I grew up drinking black tea (very strong black tea) with milk and I still like it this way. I can't imagine creamer or flavored creamer in my black tea. All other teas I drink them as they are.... plain.

Jenny Piirto Tuesday, April 30, 2013  

Tea with a little sugar. Cream is just wrong. It's only made for coffee in my book.

Amy Renea Wednesday, March 02, 2016  

haha -- you guys are on different sides of the fence! To each her own!

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