A TRUE egg hunt

Meet Cotton Ball
Easter has just passed and with all the *plastic* egg hunts, it gets me thinking about how these hunts must have started. Surely, the initiator of the Easter egg hunt had gone on many a REAL egg hunt, don't you think? You see, chickens lay their eggs in the same spot. Until you mess up the spot. For instance, I have found that TAKING the eggs from the nest makes my chicken stop laying there. We've also learned that cutting down the massive stands of dry grass around her nest cause Cotton Ball to leave. (Makes sense, yes? ...and yes, that is what we call her. Is there any more appropriate name than Cotton Ball??)

I even tried leaving one egg there in hopes that she would come back and lay more.  No dice.  
So now, for the 5th or 6th time since she has started laying -- we hunt for Cotton Ball's eggs.

So my question for you is....if you were a chicken, where would YOU lay your eggs?

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I would lay the lovely pink and blue eggs and I would lay them where they looked beautiful - in a nice patch of green grass :) Or I'd lay them where someone could find them easily and use them for Spring decor!