The Fashion Star Workout

Guess what tonight is?  The premiere of The Fashion Show (tonight @9 on NBC)!  Along with Project Runway and The Bachelor, The Fashion Show is one f those mindless shows I look forward to every week.  If you didn't see last year, give it a shot if you are into reality tv/competition/fashion stuff.  It is fun :)  The best part??  Watching the stores buy the designs -- totally a Shark Tank take on fashion.    #ILOVEIT
...but I promised you a workout.  ...and by workout I mean do a little moving so you don't feel like a bump on a log while watching tv.  The Fashion Show is hands down the best show I've found to workout to...well except maybe The Biggest Loser.

Anyway, the trick to this little "workout" is to watch the Fashion Show in real time, on demand or let the DVR go without jumping.  NO SKIPPING THE COMMERCIALS on this one!
There are three tasks I accomplish while watching the Fashion Show -- all necessary evils in a mama's life.

#1 Exercise
#2 Laundry
#3 "Business"

Here is how it works. The Fashion Show is made up of three parts...the runway shows and some performances  the judges and buyers talking and commercials. Those are your three cues to switch up your "circuit". When the runway show music comes on you dance hard. Dance as hard as you can to get your heart rate up. Your heart should be pumping and you should be breaking a light sweat by the end of the song. (Don't participate in this workout around anyone else -- especially your husband -- you will probably look like a fool :P)  As soon as the music stops, that is your cue to go fold some laundry (lovely eh?)  When the commercial comes on, you have just enough time to go handle those tasks that you need to get done, but hate doing.  You know the ones...the simple 2-3 minute tasks that sit on your to-do lists for days (weeks?!) because you just really really don't want to do them.  Now is the time.

Need an example?  For me, those tasks are always calling people...calling the doctor to schedule appointments, filling out paperwork for school or the doctor, etc, etc.  JUST DO IT.  If you don't have any business tasks, unloading the dishwasher or dusting somewhere else in the house work well here.  The reason this little system works is because in one hour, you are knocking out a 20 minutes workout, split between 4-5 high energy songs.  You are getting your heartbeat racing every 5-7 minutes during the hour and then continuing to move while doing laundry.  You  are tricking yourself by offering an "out" from each task with another task you don't want to complete.

Let me explain a bit better...

I don't want to work out...but dancing to a great song while watching a runway show for 5 minutes?  That I can do.  At the end of 5 minutes, I really don't want to keep going so....

The laundry starts looking pretty good.  I start folding and am grateful to all the little boy underpants and Daddy T-shirts for saving me from more exercise...AND I get to watch the judge's critiques.  Wonderful!  ...for about 5 minutes...then it is boring.

Good thing a commercial is coming up!  I don't have to match the 151 pairs of socks that don't have matches!  Run to the kitchen, wipe down the counters...or finally FINALLY call the dentist and schedule the cleaning I've been meaning to get on the calendar.  Oh and charge the camera batteries - -I need them tomorrow.  Man this is so tedious...all these little chores just bug me to death....OO!  What do I hear??  The fashion show is back on?  Brilliant!  Let's Dance!

You get it?  The cycle repeats 4 or 5 times and by the end of one hour you've worked out, finished folding the laundry and finished all the household "business" you've been putting off.  Now you just need to put all that laundry away...:(

(PS...there is a trick to that too...It's called the Stuff you Missed in History Class podcast. #notkidding.  Download for FREE right HERE -- trust me!)

Cheers Chicas!!  Go dance!