Skinny as a Cow

So I get an email asking if I would like to try Skinny Cow's new chocolates. Would you like to know how long it took for me to say Yes!?? 

 Yes, yes, yes Chocolate PLEASE!

Then I went through the whole debate of - "Do you REALLY need chocolate in the house?  You KNOW what will happen if there are chocolate candies in the pantry.  You KNOW they will not be for guests.  You KNOW the kids won't get a peek at them.  You WILL eat them".  Yes, yes I know...but they are Skinny Cow chocolate, soooooooooo...compromise?

The chocolates are three to a pack - taste divine of course - and each pack is 130 calories. Certainly not as low cal as celery, but definitely an ok splurge once in awhile, don't you think? I received the peanut butter and caramel and I have to tell you that the peanut butter was the clear winner in my book. The insides kind of melt out when you break into the candy - and it is the perfect salty, sweet peanut butter that is irresistible.  You can grab up a pack of your own HERE on amazon, or check out your grocery store shelves.  Yum-yum!  Eat up! 

This post has been sponsored by Skinny Cow through Burst Media.  ALL opinions are very much mine and you KNOW I tell you when something isn't great :)

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